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Pixel Art / [WIP] Polishing things
« on: November 16, 2015, 07:23:00 am »
First post! Some of you might know me from PixelJoint. I don't post a lot of art, mostly for one reason: I never finish anything. I have a lot of trouble polishing/refining things, they just get stuck in a perpetual rough state, no matter how much work I put into trying to clean them up. They never look finished, so I never post them. I'd like to learn to put a spit-polish on my stuff. I think I just have no sense of direction/goal once the general forms are there. I have a similar issue with non-pixel art, but I've developed some techniques to deal with that, which sadly don't apply to PA.

Since this is a first post, obviously I have to post a tree. So, here's a WIPpy tree, a youngish spruce:

I feel satisfied enough with the general shape of it and I'll be tweaking the colours once I have more of the assets done so that I can make sure everything works together, so my goal here is mostly pixel-level polish.
This is for a side-scrolling game. Here's a very rough general feel/layout sketch for context:

Edit: Tweaked it a little, still doesn't look done. Need to make nicer clusters, but I am clueless.

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