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Pixel Art / [C+C] Amusement park mockup
« on: July 25, 2016, 06:40:32 pm »
Hi all!
I started an amusement park game a couple of years ago and did a bunch of graphics for it, I'm now thinking about getting back on the project and try and get it to a playable state.
I've been looking over the stuff I made and I'm still pretty happy with it overall, just wanted to get some feedback if there's anything I can improve.

I've been playing about with the shadows, originally I just had them on the trees, but I've added some to the people too, but I'm kinda thinking it should be everything has shadows or nothing does, but when I add it to some of the bigger objects it feels a bit overpowering, so not sure what to do there.  Thanks for looking!

Edit: ugh I think imgur compressed my image, will fix tomorrow! Edit 2: hmm maybe it's just on mobile, let me know if I need to upload somewhere else!

Pixel Art / Boat Game Mockup
« on: November 29, 2015, 02:04:26 pm »
Hi Everyone!

First time posting some of my own stuff on here :O

I've been working on a little boat game mockup, that I intend to turn into a simple distance/last as long as you can type game, I'm thinking you bounce back and forth between different 'lanes' dodging obstacles and killing enemies. It's nothing original or special just something for me to practice making a full game end to end, I have lots more adventurous ideas but just want something that I can actually complete :P

I'm a developer but I LOVE pixel art so have been practising trying to get good at it. Have done a few other bits and pieces but nothing that I've used for anything.

Semi happy with what I have here but it doesn't feel quite right(leaving out the game overlay for now, lives, score etc, as I haven't 100% decided on what the gameplay is yet), not sure about the colour of my sea or the clouds, they worked better with an earlier iteration, but not sure how to tweak them now. Pretty happy with my boats birds and people and though!

Oh, btw, this is my most favourite forum, you guys are awesome!

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