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Pixel Art / Qaz- Reborn
« on: March 13, 2010, 09:58:05 pm »

Newest - Oldest

3 years old to be speculating quite the eh jump I must say.
Struggling on the mask for some reason.

Pixel Art / Graffiti Ghosting (to do or not to do)
« on: August 12, 2009, 08:46:20 pm »

I expect mixed opinions on this whole thing.
Still pretty rough, I didn't like his pants being blue so I made them brownish, and didn't like it so I made his hoodie green.

Oh, and the squares are supposed to be studs.

Pixel Art / Balloon Fight (remake)
« on: April 09, 2009, 08:49:46 am »
I always enjoyed balloon fight as a kid.
And ATM, I'm bored so I pixeled this and made a horribly coded game maker game to try and go with it.

Yes, I have so many "other" projects going on.
They may get made at some point, but my programmer contacts aren't all that reliable.  :ouch:

My craptastic gameplay example video.

Pixel Art / Abduction
« on: April 04, 2009, 08:24:05 pm »

I thought the heads seemed large.

Smaller? Or did they lose there character.

The mockup shows the oldest designs for the characters.
The tile sets are place holders, I'll start on buildings and stuff now to get my mind of the heads..

2D & 3D / SkyMyst
« on: March 24, 2009, 03:23:32 am »
A sidescrolling shmup RPG inspired by an idea spawned by me and Lollige.
Sorry the island is pretty rough, not very rocky.
I'm aslo undecided if I want to added detail or keep it black and white.
I've been getting  :y: reviews on the B&W

Just a mockup:

In game:

Idea demo:
Up to change height, when you have the height you want you can just hold left or right to keep going at that altitude.
Arrow keys to move, Z to shoot, X to change the time of day by 1 hour, 1 and 2 changes your ships size
The collision is a little glitchy in how you turn around atm.

The reason it's in Low Spec is because it will be using a lot of particle effects.
I'll probably start making my own as soon as I know how it all works, atm I'm just using game makers defaults.

General idea in short
As a player, you will begin your expedition by renting a ship.
You set out on missions to; search for resources, defeat monsters, fish, discover
When you come back on land again, you can buy new items from the money you have made on the trips, or even buy your own better boat.
The ships fly due to the rudder bellow the deck, it is made of the same minerals as the islands themselves.
Rudder controls the height of your ship, the engine propels it forward.

Everything takes place in an extremely white place.
There are large floating islands, which all have one port. Every island produces a few goods/resourses, and ask for a lot of them in return.
All ships use cogs, and cogs break quite often so this has become the global currency of the world.
There are only 2 found countries in this world (large mass islands) each has it's own orbit.
The air consists of 3 layers, Thick, Stable, and Thin
Certain ships could only travel in certain air, underneath everything would be a giant body of water.

Aim of the game
Players set their own aims, but they can collect items, money, try to dominate as much land as they can.

Different times of the day, night and daytime.

Ship concepts, nothing too solid about the designs just random ATM to get the idea out.

I'm undecided on if I want to detail them up, I know it'd probably look better but I'm semi-partial to the pure black.

Pixel Art / Stroll on the beach (full frontal boobage)
« on: March 12, 2009, 09:48:29 am »

I've never drawn a female really.
And all the ones I've tried in the past were very cartooney and mis proportioned.

No reference used, just sketched it out with my tablet.
Though I'm sure a reference would help for sure.

Anyways here's my stab at it, sorry for shitty backdrop but it was either that or blank.
If you want blank I can upload that for ya.

Pixel Art / Two Face Challenge [warning: wiggly manparts]
« on: March 05, 2009, 12:21:39 pm »
Inspired by ptoing on this one me thinks.
The challenge was to make a 100x100 "portrait" of a two-faced character.
This didn't qualify so it wasn't entered in the mean time I'll work on it till I think it's done I guess.

Animation is optional.

General Discussion / Pixel Art TCG - Rules
« on: February 10, 2009, 12:56:52 am »
What's the Basic Game?
You and your opponent take control over legendary pixel artists who use their creations to do their bidding.
Each turn, the player can boost their Creation's attack power by adding RGB pixels to their Creation, playing special Technique cards, Edit cards, and Battleground cards, or using Pixeler-Powers.
The goal of the game is to break through the opponent's Creations and defeat the opponent's 3 Artists.

What Do You Need to Play?
You and your opponent will each need a 40-card deck.
This deck is made of 3 Pixelers, and a total of 37 Creations, Techniques, and Edits. (battlegrounds too?)

The RGB System
Each color has an attribute that every card is influenced by.
Red - Damage
Blue - Defense
Green - Heal

RGB uses a form of the rock paper scissors principle:
Blue > Red
Red > Green
Green > Blue

At the start of the game, each player is given 5 points of the active Artist's color, and 2 points for the other two colors.
Every turn, a player receives a certain amount of points spread across the three colors, Red, Green, or Blue.
This determines how you decide what cards you can play, and what cards you can't.  For example, a simple lvl 1 card is cheap and would take no more than 2 of any RGB points to play.
Most cards are mono-colored, meaning they only require a certain amount of one color.  However, as the game gets more complex, some cards might require two, or all three colors.

What Do You Need to Know?
First, let's learn about the different types of cards you'll be seeing.
There are five different types of cards; Artist cards, Creation cards, Technique cards,  Edit cards, and Battleground cards.

Artist cards
An Artist card represents an artist of the pixel art community.
At the start of the game, 3 Artists cards from each player's collection are picked at random, and put aside.
Only 1 Artist card per player can be in play at a time.
Only an Artist card can be attacked.
Each Artist has a total of 25 LIFE.
Each Artist card has a unique Pixeler-Power, which can only be used once per game for a certain amount of RGB.
Artist cards are affected by the RGB system, and in some cases, Artist cards can affect the RGB system.
Artist cards are weak in battle, especially compared to some Creations cards.

Creation cards
Creation cards represent the art an Artist makes.
Creations deal with LIFE and DAMG. (DAMG x card level / LIFE)
Creation cards are the battlers of the game. They duel and dish out damage as often as possible.
Only Creations can attack or block.
When a Creation card is put into battle, it's to the death, so be sure you pick the right card!
Creations rely heavily on the RGB system.  Higher level Creations have abilities that cost RGB to activate.

Technique cards
Technique cards represent the skills of an artist.
A Technique card can be used at any time, during any player's turn, as long as the player has the correct amount of RGB.
Technique cards come in all varieties. Some affect the X draw of more cards, others get more RGB, Damage Creations, Damage Artists, etc.

Edit cards
Edit cards represent an artist modifying art.
Edit cards are similar to Technique cards, but they can only be used during a player's turn.
An Edit card only affects a player's Creations.

How Do You Start the Game?
SHUFFLE. Each player shuffles their deck and draw 5 cards.

CHECK. Each player checks to see if they have any Creations cards in their hand.  If not, that player shuffles and draws again until they get a hand with a Creation card.

PUT. Each player puts an Artist card face down, as their Active Artist, and a Creation card face down, as their Leading Creation.

BEGIN PLAY. Each player turns their Artist and Leading Creation face up.

As you play, you and your oppenent take turns.
During your opponent's turn, you may pick a Creation to block against attacking Creations, or play a Technique card.
If there are no Creations out to defend, the damage goes straight to your Artist.

What Can You Do During Your Turn?
1. Draw a card from your deck.

2. You may now do any of the following in any order you want:
   -PUT Creation down.
   -ATTACH 1 RGB to 1 of your Creations (only once per turn).
   -PLAY as many Technique or Edit cards as you want or can afford.
   -PLAY Battleground card (only one per player).
   -USE Pixeler-Powers (once per game).

   -CHECK Weakness and Resistance of your opponent's cards.
   -DECIDE what Creation you want to attack with and which ones you want to block for later.  Attacking Creations can't block on opponent's turn.
   -WAIT for opponent to decide to block with any Creations.
   -CALCULATE damage done to blocking Creations or Artist.

4. Your turn is now OVER.

What Happens After a Player's Turn?
After each player's turn, if either player's Active Artist is Poisoned, it takes damage;  if it's Burned, there is a chance it might take damage.
After this is determined, the next player's turn begins.

How Do You Win?
You win the game if any one or more of these things occur:
   -You knock out all of your opponent's Artists.
   -Your opponent is out of cards in their deck when they go to draw a card at the beginning of the turn.

Pixel Art / RadPix TCG Collab(?)
« on: February 07, 2009, 10:30:19 pm »
Well, the coder of my other project is doing, well other things,  :'( so in the meantime...
I tried thinking what the easiest type of game to make would be.
The conclusion was a Trading Card Game, because they are usually made by multiple artists.
Or at least magic the gathering was, and I always liked that it was different styles.

I've thought about opening a collaboration for this project, so if anyone wants to jump right on in that's awesome.  :y:

Anyways, I want to make a tcg where the heros are us pixelers.
And the minions are our creations, so the sky is the limit.  :D
You could collect other peoples creations and use them in your deck but 2 or more of them would be needed for their bonus to work.

I haven't come up with the rules yet, but basically your Pixeler would have a set life and unique ability and a bonuses.
Cards would be drawn and used to try and take off said life.
We could come up with different types of items, buffs, jpeg cards that each deck would have to have.

Here's the template, I originally found the first 64x64 pic I could and -ViC- new pixels was put in as placeholder.

And on with my contribution.
I'll probably work on some more templates, atm I think the name box may be too small.


Pixel Art / Urban Characters
« on: January 20, 2009, 11:32:36 am »
Just waiting on a level editor from the coder of my other project in the meantime.

TomF's piece got me wanting to try miguel's style.
I'm sure I've gone completely off the intended goal to do something close to his stuff.
I know my problem is I've created un-nessisary folds, and use of the black, where as ndeal's stuff is cleaner.
I wont have a problem if I'm showen the error in my anatomy via a quick trace over, even a stick figure helps.


The images surrounding the WIP sketch is what started this whole thing.
TomF's work on the left.
The artist of all the work on the bottom is from

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