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Portfolios / [PORTFOLIO] Pixelart, illustration and design. (Available)
« on: August 13, 2015, 01:12:14 pm »
Hi everyone! and I am just gonna let you know what I do, post my portfolio and hope you like my stuff. I am working on some projects as artist and animator and I am always looking for some more work. You can contact me at or talking to me on skype, my nick: soranthax.

What I do:

Any kind of work you need involving pixels. From portraits, to animations, backgrounds or HUDs, you name it. If you need a graphic designer with a thing for pixels you may find on me a good friend and partner.

Usually working on:

Animated sprites.

Character design.




. Backgrounds.

. Tiles.

. Animated vids.

Currently working with:

Indie point-and-clink game design.

Youtube and animations.

Concept art and character design.

Portfolio and bunch of cute things:

Most recent work:

Zelda wallpaper turned into pixels!

Firewatch timelapse:

Job for a medieval game

Re-work with river and without waterfall

Go get'em Queen!


Sad Android

Life is strange ending scene:

Logo for a band

Scene for point and click game

Youtube videos about pixelart: - League of Legends parody of Power (Kanye West)  -  About firewatch.

Old stuff:

First sketch of character menu (warrior)

Female warrior for dungeon crawler

Archers for dungeon crawler


Female character for plataformer

Wierd creature for plataformer

Another character for plataformer

Character work:


Some thing I did for a band

Old work inspired on other games:

Max, from Life is strange

Hotline miami 2 chainsaw girl

Old works:

WARSAW 2 0 2 3
Just some personal work I did for myself.

To the north
Work involved on an indie point-and-click game project.

Beach life
Some thing I did for a guy with a blog about travels

You know so little things, Jon
Something I did for fun.

Background of the beach thing:

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