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Unpaid Work / Need for an artistic twin...
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:34:26 pm »
It might be a slightly long post but title tells the short story. Since you clicked, you are interested. You might also be interested in getting to know me here... If not, please jump to last paragraph.

I'm a 23 years old Phd engineering student who loves games since childhood and who has a passion of developing games(I started developing games with python on my nokia 7610) since the middle of the undergrad study. I know several programming languages and I messed around and created mobile and PC content with several game engines, ue4, unity, game maker, etc. I made lots and lots of small games and interesting programs(small physics engines, genetic algorithms and neural networks), but never published them. Unfortunately, most of the time, I try to develop big games(relatively big, not like an AAA ofc...) from big ideas and don't have time or patience to design a whole game + do the art + programming by myself. I'm also really bad at visual design and creating art assets cuz it takes hours or days for me to decide something on that field. Thanks for the precious time you spent while reading this.

I'm looking for a fellow artist/designer to work with, starting from small projects which we can discuss and decide together(everyone has ideas). I need the fire of collaboration ! If you are good at creating art, you are golden. You get the point... Add friend, share your thoughts here, whatever you feel comfortable is okay for me.

Take care!(yes this is the last paragraph(just kidding plz don't go))

Job offers / Experienced Developer Looking for Pixel Artist
« on: August 15, 2015, 09:07:19 am »

I'm a master degree student from Turkey, Istanbul Technical University and experienced developer who have skills on several game engines(GM, Unity, UE4...) and several frameworks(LibGDX, pygame...). I also know several programming languages which can be useful in future for developing different types of games(a web based game for example).

But i'm not an experienced artist and all of my past games relied on simple graphics and web resources.

Now, i have a serious game project which i want it to have orijinal sprites. The game will be about life of a hacker. I also have wide knowledge in cyber security and how real world hackers work(both good and bad ones). So i thought i can present that knowledge to gamers, with an excitement level more than uplink or watchdogs.

Game will mainly be a PC game, maybe we can port a simplified version to mobile later on cuz there will be no performance problems at all.

As art style, i didnt decided yet. I designed a character and a few sprites but i actually want the artist him/herself to decide that. Of course i have some other art style options in my mind to discuss.

Extend of the game will mainly rely on skills of the artist. It can be open world or it can just follow a story line with missions like hotline miami.

I think this will be an original and exciting game. I do not want to hire someone or pay salary or something like that. I'm just looking for an artist to cooperate with me willingly on 2 people team and gave life to this exciting idea together with me. And of course it will be 50/50 profit.

Thank you for reading. I'm waiting for your precious PMs.

Have a nice day :)

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