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Pixel Art / Some graphics for my platformer.
« on: March 26, 2008, 10:50:07 am »
This is some pickup items for my game, eb3k. It's been for development for about 5 years (:lol:)
I usually work on something here and there when I got time, and as I'm doing this all by myself it takes really long time.
I'm not an expert in programming, but worst of all is that I basically suck at pixeling. The first version of all graphics makes me freeze in horror, but I think now I'm getting somewhere. Any tips are appreciated, I would also like if you say if you hate the style or like it :)

The basetile for these is:

Not a pickup item, but it's following the same style. This is a jumper pad.
And this is a teleporter.

I'm also working on my characters, but that's alot harder..
EDIT: This is the character at the moment.

Pixel Art / Lost game project, new energy.
« on: September 12, 2007, 09:53:11 pm »
Hello everyone, think this is my first post.
Been hanging around this forum for some years now, but never done anything myself, just admiring.

I had a game project many years ago, but it never got finished. Much because of the lack of graphics.
Just decided to start working on something, see if I can do this.

First up, a sort of test character. Trying to do a running animation.



The white parts will be transparent.
I don't like the colors, but I'm stuck in how to find good colors.

Otherwise, how is the animation?

The game itself will be pretty lo-res, 320 x 240. 16-bit though, so I have no color restrictions.
Going for a 16x16 grid.

Hopefully I can, with a little help, get this right this time ;)

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