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Pixel Art / [C+C] Torch sprite WIP
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:49:28 pm »

Colors are placeholders. First time I'm making a serious attempt at animating fire, so any feedback welcome!
EDIT: worked on it some more.
EDIT2. Third time's the charm? I think it looks more realistic with the increased bright spot.

Pixel Art / [C+C] KoF style pixel portraits
« on: May 26, 2016, 07:24:55 pm »
So this is a commission I got from the job section on this forum.  :)

I got reference pictures for the faces and the rest is pretty much from imagination (and a few awkward shots taken in front of my bathroom mirror a reference) with The King of Fighters 2000 portraits as a style guide. Obviously I made the faces a little more realistic to get the likeness while also beefing them up a notch. I stole the colors of the gi from the KoF art and imitated the style of the folds etc. I wasn't trying to get a perfect match to the style, just something similar.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out overall although as always there are tons of things I could have done better. I feel like I need a fresh pair of eyes now though, so any crit would be super useful. The commission is finished, so I'm not going to make any major revisions but I'm willing to make a few tweaks if it can help me learn something new and take it to the next level.

edit: I decided to split the portraits into separate images for ease of viewing

Hope this is the right place to post this, anyway since a while back now scaling art by clicking no longer works using Chrome for me. Works fine in Firefox and Safari though. Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else? Can I fix it? ???

Pixel Art / 8 frame walk cycles in 2.5D fps - could it work?
« on: January 07, 2016, 06:52:14 pm »

To the best of my knowledge, there have been no 2.5D fps (Doom, Duke Nukem etc.) that have more than 4 frames per walk cycle.
Could it look good? Since there are only 8 possible viewing angles, there is a certain jerkiness that is inherent in the way the sprites move that aren't seen in fighter or platform games that are are restricted to one plane. My gut feeling is that smoother animations with the same number of viewing angles only would end up making the sprites appear MORE flat, rather than more realistic. The uncanny valley effect in a way. What are your thoughts?

Pixel Art / Ice planet platform mockup [WIP]
« on: May 31, 2015, 05:22:03 am »
Here is what I got so far. A lot of things rough and blocked in obviously. Going to create more tiles for the iceblock thing so I can build a bunch of different formations.

General Discussion / Need inspiration for ice/snow tiles
« on: May 24, 2015, 11:56:35 pm »
I want to study ice and snow themed background art so I'm looking for some inspiration! Contemporary pixel art or old console games don't matter.

Here are two of my favorites! The translucency effect on both were especially convincing on a CRT monitor:

Ecco the dolphin Ice Zone:

Chuck Rock level 4:

The animated glistening highlight on the ice was also a nice touch:

I found this aswell - The little mermaid on NES. Quite charming in it's simplicity, never played the game though:

Ah, how could I forget? Sonic 3 Icecap zone:

Pixel Art / [C+C] more NES cutscenes
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:48:47 am »
I'm gonna make a bunch of these so might aswell put them all in one thread. Sorry for spamming.

Here is a noir Don Draper kind of guy.

Pixel Art / [C+C] Sunset - NES cutscene style
« on: May 22, 2015, 05:46:17 pm »

Just your average 80's protagonist staring stoically into the sunset next to his Ferrari Testarossa. And, sunsets are always fun. Tell me what you think! I've got a thick skin.

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