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2D & 3D / Steel Empire / Cyber empires (1991) voxels
« on: August 15, 2019, 06:43:33 pm »
I created voxel models for the cyborgs from 1991's Steel Empire / Cyber Empires videogame. I imagine they would be used in an isometric action game like Mech Assault or Desert Strike.

Mercury - Cyclops - Dragon

Mars - Crossbolt - Achilles

Hercules - Behemoth - Titan

Mars animation:

What it says in the title. I am looking for "top-down"/"2.5D"/"3/4 View" games (class JRPG perspective like A Link to the Past & The Chaos Engine) that feature low-resolution / pixel art character sprites which are drawn in a more realistic way, not Chibi style with the huge heads like in A Link to the Past and pretty much all the other Japanese RPGs. It's ok if the sprites are stylized with broad bodies and slightly bigger heads; at this resolution (between 32 to 64 pixels high) it's unavoidable to a certain degree.

So far I have:

Metal Gear (NES)
Dragonstone (Amiga)
The Chaos Engine
Dark Sun

Pixel Art / Some System Shock 2 pixel art sprites
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:29:30 pm »
I made these when the idea for a rogue-like retro-style System Shock 2 game flew around in my head. Some colors could use improvement I think, but overall I'm happy with how most of these turned out, especially the maintenance bot (the yellow one). This was basically the first time I made a set of 16x16 sprites.

From left to right:

"Goggles", Cyborg Midwife, Hybrid w/ pipe, Hybrid w/ shotgun, Arachnid, Protocol Droid, Maintenance Bot, Security Bot, Assault Bot, S.H.O.D.A.N. cyberspace form.

2D & 3D / Shadowrun (SNES) Morgue scene rendered in low-res 3D
« on: August 04, 2016, 07:31:09 pm »
After becoming fed up with Unity's 2d functionality when it comes to isometric games, I did a quick test to see how a combination of a 3d world with sprites would look. I came back to my old favourite Shadowrun on the SNES, which i funny because in a way I finally came full circle; Shadowrun was the first time long ago that I got my feet wet in game development (in 3D Game Studio, no less).

Anyway, I recreated the complete morgue scene, and everything is a textured 3D model except for Jake, the plants, the glass and the inkpot on the table.



Pixel Art / LoFi Cyberpunk cityscape
« on: July 14, 2016, 03:59:14 pm »
A few months ago, I came across this piece of pixel art somewhere on the net. I liked the extremely low fideltiy approach to resolution and colors while still managing to convey a recognizeable location that immediately reminds one of Bladerunner and Syndicate. I saved the image for a possible later source of inspiration.

Original image, author unknown:

Much later, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I created an isometric tileset from the elements seen, for possible use in a Cyberpunk RPG. While I was doing so, I tried to find the place where I found the original image but either my Google-Fu is weak or the site where I found it has vanished in the meantime, in either case I wasn't able to locate the source or the author (which is sad because I wanted to ask for the possibiliy of a collaboration). It might have been here, on DeviantArt, or somewhere else. All I know is that it was posted on a site that allows for comments (there was a short discussion under it referencing Syndicate as well).
If anyone recognizes the image or knows who the author is, please let me know!

Anyhow, here is my version reconstructed via Tiled, with some additional characters I made (again, heavily inspired by Syndicate, especially the cop and woman).

Pixel Art / Groo the Wanderer :)
« on: June 03, 2016, 09:27:42 pm »
Cheese Dip!

I tried converting everybody's favourite (?) bumbling barbarian Groo as he appears as a paper figurine to a 32x32 pixel version. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. The colors are of low contrast at this scale but what irks me the most is his face; most graphics that small deform the character so the head takes up up to half of the total body height to get more detail into the face, but in this case it would alter Sergio Aragones' own style which would mean that it isn't Groo anymore. Anyway, with so little pixels to work with in the face area it's probably useless to draw features like eyes mouth but I'm not versed in the ways of using single pixels and colors to make the human eye believe that's a human face. Groo is also known for his big nose but again that's something that is hard to represent here.

Critique, comments and especially tips are very welcome. Thank you!

General Discussion / Anyone using Unity for pixel art games?
« on: May 06, 2016, 10:01:45 am »

I've been using Unity for 3D games for a few years now, but only recently have I begun dabbling in the 2D side of things. In particular, I'd like to find out to what degree Unity is capable of producing pixel art games, because the pixel-perfect...ness that is required for smooth looks is difficult to achieve.

Is there someone who has experience with achieving this? What are your tricks, if you like to share them? :)

Pixel Art / True top down low res character
« on: April 15, 2016, 04:08:54 pm »
True top down games are rare these days, especially if they are in a very low resolution. It is hard to visualize humans from above.

Here is what I came up with. If anyone remembers the 1994 game Dreamweb, the sprite is based on the main character.

I assembled three versions.

1 has a round head and visible nose, but the purple shirt is almost completely hidden
2 has an oblongated head which looks better, but the shirt is even less visible. No nose, though, which I kinda like even though it makes little sense at this scale
3 has round head and no nose, the head looks like it's too far towards the back, but the shirt is more visible.

Any ideas which version looks best and what could be improved?

General Discussion / Pixel Perfect Shadows, does anybody use them?
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:34:19 am »
(I'm aware that the term "Pixel Perfect Shadows" generally has a different meaning than the one I try to convey here, but it it's still the best term to describe what I'm thinking of)

Let's that we create a pixel art-based game (maybe something low resolution like Minecraft). Let's say we have 16 pixels per world unit (a common size), and all texture and sprite resolutions are bound to that pixels/unit scale. The shadow a light creates should only either fill one pixel on a texture completely or not at all. Here is an image I created to better illustrate what I mean:

Now, This doesn't have to be in 3D space of course, it could also be done for classic pixel art for a top-down perspective. In this case, the shadows would either have infinite length, or the length of the shadows (or rather the height of the point light) would have to be specified.

Here is the only video I found via Google:

The technique would probably become more complex for isometric games, but for a true top-down perspective it wouldn't be too hard.

I just wonder if any game has uses this technique, because I can't think of one and my searches have been fruitless. Then again, maybe I used the wrong search terms.

General Discussion / Filling a 16x16 tile randomly with 5 colors
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:15:11 pm »
As the title says. I'd like to create a floor tile where the pixels are randomly filled with one of 5 different colors (gradient). I use Photoshop and have experimented with the Noise filter, but the I never manage to limit the result to 5 (or any arbitary number) of colors.

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