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Pixel Art / [C+C] [WIP] Final Boss for a NES-like platform game
« on: March 19, 2016, 01:19:47 am »

This is what I'm working right now, it's the final boss of our game so I'd like to draw it as well as possible.

Just in case you clicked here by accident, I'll put the images under a spoiler tag ;)
This is (more or less) the stage in which the boss will appear. It's divided in two parts and the gravity changes in each one.

This is the current WIP. It's in pieces (hands, forearms, arms, chest, etc) so I removed the right arm to reveal the abs.
I know that the torso is maybe a bit too long, but I fear it needs to be like this so the monster fit the stage. He also has got 2 tails made with several circles and a spade, more or less like this one.

Sorry for using green as BG color but having as much grey skin as it has it would be better this way, if I'm wrong tell me and I'll change it to transparent.

-Don't pay too much attention to the outline's broken/dirty pixels on the horns, claws, etc. They still have to be cleaned.
-What do you think about the design? Do you like it? Any idea to improve it?
-And the pose, do you think it's ok?
-I never made a sprite this large, so I'm a bit lost in some areas. Should I draw the outlines with the same thickness as the rest of enemies (1 pixel) or maybe I should make it thicker (2 or 3 px, like I was testing in the claws)? Maybe thicker outlines and normal inner lines?
-Should I use dithering or not? I'm using a little bit on the purple conjunctions from its shoulders and lower body but I wonder if I should continue using it there or not. Or maybe I should use it also on other parts of te drawing?
-I'm really bad at drawing proper lighting, any help please? ^^U
-Anything else that you think could improve the enemy would be really welcome :)

Pixel Art / [C+C] Main character for a NES-like platform game
« on: March 16, 2016, 05:08:18 pm »
Hi everyone! :)

This is my second post here, and to be honest I'm pretty nervous. This place is full of real pixel experts, some of them I am twice their age though I cannot hold a candle to them XD

I've been making pixel art for fun for a long time, but more or less a year and a half ago some friends and myself took part in a game jam (Ludum Dare 30) and made a game in a weekend (A Hole New World, an action platformer with NES looks), people seemed to like it, so we decided to improve and complete it, then my two partners (DanPelGar & Xanday) and myself founded a little company, went Greenlight, etc... Long story short, I formally started to dedicate my life to this, the dream of my life.

Actually I know this forum for some time, but as shy as I am it took me a long time to get enough courage to write here, I've always felt a little embarrassed about doing it. I am the "artist" from my dev team so I supposedly should be able to make the graphics for the game we're creating, but sometimes I think my work is not good enough (though I don't know why or what should I do to improve it), and because of that I decided that no matter how embarrassed I could feel it'll be better to seek advice and try to improve with the help of this great community's than acting as if nothing happens and continue working blindly on my own. So, please take care of me ^^

This is the evolution of te idle "animation" for the main character until now. I'm thinking of making a dynamic pose for him instead of this one, but I'd like to conserve this one for "alternative idle animation", which will be shown after 30 seconds if the player stays still. For the new animation I want to use the technique explained in this tutorial, let's see if I'm capable :) I'll post here the WIP when I try it

For its making I read and tried to follow this tutorial. I'm quite happy with the cape's motion, but not too much about the rest, the problem is that I don't know how to improve it ^^U

Finally, a pair of things:
-We are using a slightly modded NES pallette I added a pair of colors to make my life a bit Easier.
-I put myself a limit of 6 colors for sprites. As far as I know, NES sprites can have 3 colors + a transparent one, but they used to combine 2 sprites to create more colorful characters. Strangely, their "combined sprites" usually had only 5 colors instead of the 6 ones that could theoretically have, but after I checked lots of games and finally found that the sprites of Ariel in Capcom's "Little Mermaid" had 6 colors, I decided to use that number instead of 5 as the limit.
-About the title of the game, yes I meant "Hole", not "Whole" XD It's a little pun/play on words we intended, cause in the game you can enter another world through holes (maybe it's not pretty good, yeah, but I fear it's already too late to change it XD).

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