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Hello, I am Bo, pixel artist, here I'll post update about our game, Axe Bow & Staff, here

What is this game about?

Axe Bow & Staff is a fast-paced side-scroller which combines ARPG with running game
developed by ClewCat Games, featuring I, Bo, designing graphics, and Naruto composing the chiptune music.You play up to 3 different heroes at the same time, control them to run different lanes, use different abilities, to conquer different obstacles.
The game is up to 3 Players simulatenously


Official page

Who made this?

This game is made by me, Bo, on gfx, Clewcat games on code, and Naruto on music

The game is already out on Steam, on early access, but can benefit your different thoughts about it.
We're interested in discovering what people think about the gameplay, the general look of the game and such.

Hello all,
our PIXEL-retro stylish game, designed by myself,
but which has even better programming by IndiesTian and music by Naruto,
is at 90% voted on steam but needs some vote more, can you help us?

of course, if you dislike the game don't feel obliged to vote =)   see you soon!

Portfolios / [portfolio] 2D artist - Bo
« on: February 02, 2015, 09:40:10 am »
Hello I am Bo, I started being productive for gaming industry recently, I worked in 2012-2013
for Ktx on Leona's tricky adventure (which has soundtracks made by Chris Huelsbeck)

I am also lead gfx artist of Axe Bow & Staff:

I 've done the pixel graphics ingame, characters,
characters animations, and the characters portraits.

Illustrations for game cover and game advertising are not from me.

I put some of those works here.I'm searching for more pixel work or character to do, you can send me PMS or mail me (better)at: .Cheers!

my website:

Those are screens of another pics from projects I am part of:
I'll post more here in future.

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