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Pixel Art / Help with beach water and waves tiles...
« on: January 31, 2015, 03:13:28 am »


I'm doing these tiles to use in a beach in my game. I think I need help getting this right... What do you guys think of it, does it seems ok? I'm having trouble making the wave at the border of the sand feel right...

Inspiration is from this image - it's from where I took the colors, mainly got the photo and played around...

Unpaid Work / In development pixel game RPG environment
« on: January 28, 2015, 04:00:55 am »

I'm a 27 year old person who is working on free time to get a top down RPG similar to SNES RPG games up and running. The game is fully written in javascript and it's being tested to run on pretty much everything. This game is made on a tool I made that's similar to rpg maker, but aims to be simpler and more hackable.

I want to release this game paid for some amount of time and them release full source for everything.

The game is very small so I can finish it this year. Right now I'm focusing more on getting gameplay right and then moving to getting story right. Mainly there is this island with a small town and some people are missing in it, so you have to find each and return them to town or adding them to your party. When they are in town some buildings become active, so you have to balance adding to party or getting new stuff on town - which I hope will give a little replay value without adding too much on content.

My art needs are for the environment - I'm working with 32x32 tiles in a 416x416 screen on mobile and 416x286 screen on pc.

I need things to be able to build a small medieval town, a forest, a mountain and a desert/beach. I already have some pixel art going on.

Some conceptual sketches are here:

(I have some less presentable sketches if you want too)

I also can pay, but would like to discuss the amount - mainly because up until now I've paid for more 'mechanical' artwork, where I designed pretty much everything and needed someone to translate to pixel, but now I need a more creative artwork.

Message me if there is interest.

Also I can answer some questions here too.

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