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Pixel Art / Thoughts on a Character (New here)
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:08:17 am »
Hi I'm new, first time posting  :) I'm quite new to pixel art and I'm not the best animator , I've seen that some of you guys are super talented and give some really in depth feedback for animation so when I have some done I'm ready for you guys to tear them apart  ;D

Ok so I started making a 2D platformer game in Game Maker and I planned to paint it all individually and try make it super pretty....But it takes a life time to get anything done as everything is unique. So I decided to change direction and do the thing with tile sets and pixel art and still make it super pretty, that's where you guys come in and give me C+C. If I can get a dedicated programmer in the future then I'll do the more time consuming approach. 

Ok so here is my first crack at it. The character has a mask, and there will be an animation to put it on his head. A run animation ( I didn't know if that was a good pose for the run ) Slash animation and use bow.

my character concept

How it was in the previous game for anyone who was interested  ;D

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