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Pixel Art / Simplistic low-res Trees
« on: November 11, 2015, 03:54:09 pm »
Hi, my name is Asher, I'm currently working on a low res project that involves making a vast rain-forest which is under deforestation by a construction crew.  I designed a few base trees for the forest, however they are too complicated to fit the current style of the game.  For the final product I'd like the trees to be a lot simpler and only have a pallet of about 3-4 colors (not including outline) per individual color. 

Here are the current trees:

Here's them at 3x size for better viewing:

We're targeting a younger audience for the game, so any tips or help in making these sprites (and the overall style) more simple and appealing to a kids would be a great help.

Pixel Art / Gun, muzzle flash and bullet hit animations
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:21:09 am »
Hi all, 

Me and a buddy have been making a game for a few months now, it's a rouge like shoot em up with flares from Nuclear Throne and Rotmg.

So far,  I've been able to do most of the sprites fairly well,  but now I've come to the animations and I'm starting to hit a brick wall,  animations have always been my weakest part, and specifically, the ones I need help with now.

I've got a few guns that I want to have a muzzle flash animation.  that just flickers on and off when the gun is shot.  However,  from the pictures, you can see that they are far from anything acceptable.  I also am not sure what to do since some guns shoot faster than others.  For the fast ones, should I just have a 1 or 2 frame animation,  where as the slower guns could have a 5 or 6 frame animation?  I'm also thinking that part of the problem is because there is now there is no 'glow' from the flash, but I played around with that a little bit and couldn't end up with anything that I liked, so I scraped it.


I'm also wanting to have a 'bullet hit' animation for when a bullet collides with any kind of object.  I think this one is a little better than the previous ones,  but I for sure want it to be better than what it is now.

Let me know what you guys think I should do, Thanks.

Portfolios / Pixel splatter-er available [Low res] $18/hr
« on: January 11, 2015, 06:51:34 am »
Hi all! My name is Asher and I'm available to work on your pixel art projects.  My forte is definitely in the low res area (under 32x32) but I can do higher if needed. 

I'm interested in paid work, and jobs of small or medium size

Below is my portfolio and email address for job offers.


Contact Email:

I've also uploaded some of my larger works for you to view here:

This title screen was done for an upcoming game called Noodlesoup.. Jk,  of course, it's called Pangeeum

Here are a mere handful of sprites that will be featured in the game.

This was a background that I did in January 2015 to test my skill level.

This is a test gif of an upcoming dogfight game.

These are images of an upcoming platformer forest themed game.

Here is an extended preview image of a game for Hovel Studios.

Here is a top down Library made for a wip language learning game.

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