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Portfolios / 8-bit music for your games! [C&C]
« on: December 15, 2014, 08:48:31 am »
Hello there!

I'm a new at the forum and I'd like to present to you my works in 8-bit music and not only. There are a lot of MIDI/orchestral/ambience tracks too.

Some tracks as for example:

MIDI tracks:
+ Planet in the Shadows - Pulse of Darkness
+ Planet in the Shadows - Strings of Despair
+ Piano - Rainy Evening
+ Doom IV like - Theory of Decay

8-bit tracks:
+ Desert Dusk
+ Zombie Office Adv. - Main Theme
+ Zombie Office Adv. - Dark Room
+ Zombie Office Adv. - Cannibal Instinct
+ Bad Taste - Gameplay Track
+ About Cookies and Cats - Main Theme
+ Run Miko Run! - Gameplay Track 01
+ Run Miko Run! - Gameplay Track 02
+ Pirx. The Destroyer - The Last Knight
+ Pirx. The Destroyer - The Invasion
+ Pirx. The Destroyer - Heavy Storm
+ Pixel Lair - Heroes of Pixel

+ Jelly's Journey - World of Adventure
+ Shield & Ball - Gameplay Loop

- Evernight - Suspense
- retrospider - Snowbird

There are a lot of other tracks on my page. Please check the link:

To contact me, send me an email:
or skype:

Thanks! Have a nice day!

PS It would be great if you leave your opinion about my works! Please, sorry for my english. I'll do my best

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