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Im developing a game like jetpack Joyride, but with a local nation theme (a guy scaping a crowded marketplace using a fog machine to fly around), and almost 90% of coding done, now needing a PIXEL or DRAWING artist to finish the sprites.

Im are looking for a freelance pixel or drawing artist to design the following items:
  • Main Menu
  • Pause Menu
  • Game over screen
  • Store Screen
  • Settings Screen
  • In game Background (x3)(Dimentions: 1024x512)
  • Main character 100x100
  • 10 different obstacles (different sizes, around same size as main character)
  • 7 power ups for main character
  • 5 different jetpacks for main character (also bubbles efects for jetpacks)

Payment: 10-20 US Dollar for every sprite. The payment is negotiable.
If you are interested send me an email to with some examples of your work

The design must fit the theme of the game, i will send details about that to the one i make business with.

Here is a draft i have of the main character and main menu screen here: (im confortable working with drawings or pixel art)

Unpaid Work / Needing Pixel Artist for JetPack like game
« on: November 18, 2014, 07:42:29 pm »
Hi There,

I'm currently working on personal game for android and iOS, and already have 90% of the coding done, but needing a good pixel artist to make it hapen.

I am making a game like JetPack Joyride (2D endless scroller) like this =>, but theme based in my country (Nicaragua), i already have a sketch of what the main character should look like (but not pixel at all).

The theme of the game is to escape the market because its way to full (think on a market in India), the main character uses a gas jetpack and also 4 different jetpacks that you have to unlock.

There are obstacles along the way (barrels, knifes, bottles).

I can share game credits to get portafolio going on both sides.

Sketch Ambient: 
Sketch Main character:

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