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///// I N T R O /////////////////////////////////////


My name is Jason and I'm currently working on a small independent game, with hopes for future release on a mobile/in-browser platform. So far I've done my own graphical work, but to be honest I'm not that great, at least yet(?).

At the current prototype-design stage, I would like a more 'stylized' design than my original and need someone to do an overhaul/replication of my work, sharpen and tune it to a professional level. It's become cumbersome to take on the entire load of art/code myself, and a hand (possibly here and there in the future) would be the best course of action, progression wise.

///// G A M E //////////////////////////////////////

'Randomly Generated Battle Title' aptly dubbed, RGBT. The name is a work-in-progress.

The general mechanics of the game involve 2D sprites operating on a foreground stage (similar to 2D-fighting games or platformers). Several classes, AI's and characteristics are picked by the player and others are randomly chosen as you progress. The sprites then battle it out based on AI's until there is a winner. I've fleshed out (in design document and code) 30 different classes, each with unique abilities.

Art-wise, I am leaning more JRPG/anime-esque style. Something like:

- Final Fantasy Tactics

- Disgaea

Without the isometric perspective, of course. I have a functioning bare-bones Flash version of the game, if you require reference (just ask!).

///// W O R K - N E E D E D ///////////////////////

Basically several isolated body parts and a few animations, like running, jumping, idle.

For efficiency of use, I require that the sprites be broken down into a few elements: independent arms, hands, a few torsos and several pairs of legs. I won't need multitude of heads/faces other than a single base head and another one turned to the side (as if hurt/taking damage). The player actually gets to freehand design their own face, so there are limitations we must take into account. The current head is 11x12 (bald/no hair) with maximum room for 18x20. I'd prefer a more unique design that can fit into those parameters and is easily adaptable. The current full sprite at idle is about 19x41, naturally a flexible amount, but not by too much please.

Here are some examples, enlarged, to show you what I mean. The work is done by myself, and the style is rather bland. The sprites you design would naturally become the art direction.

Sprites combined

Sprites dissected into parts.

In addition, I'll need a few idle animations, a single running animation, jumping backwards and upwards animations  (parts isolated, ofc). Each would only be a few frames, details I'll spell about in more simple direct terms if you take the job.

All in all, it should be about 20 different sets of arms/hands, a couple heads, 5-6 torsos, 6-8 sets of legs and about 5-7 animations. For now, the figure would be bare/bald and male, with option for female. I'll commission more of your help with separate sets of armor and spell animations at a later time once this is out of the way and you are willing.

$$$$$  P A Y M E N T  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

PM or e-mail me a quote! Preferably for male and female versions, or just the male version of the above. Include a resume or a few sample images with your request (the closer to the above style, the better!).

I'm completely open to whatever reasonable offer you suggest. I'd prefer half up-front, half on completion or simple lump sum as opposed to an hourly quoted rate, but I won't turn down a good offer either if your rates are reasonable or the experience/expertise is overwhelming. I'm currently living overseas and have a moderate/average disposable income in addition to savings I've put aside for this purpose. Thanks for reading!

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