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Job offers / Seeking Anime Style Pixel Artist.[PAID]
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:13:41 am »
*Note: Please do not take this job unless you are absolutely sure you can fulfill it. In the past, I seem to come into contact with a lot of people who promise but cannot deliver--causing us to waste our time, energy and money.

We are looking for someone who is confident they can work with what we are asking. If you're unsure, it may be better to skip this job opening--thanks.

Now please--read on.*

Seeking 2D PIXEL artist


This is a fan project, the subject matter of which is Dragon Ball Super.

The game is a 2/3rds top-down action adventure title. Art would reflect as much.This is a paid job with 2 phases. The first phase will be us selecting an artist to work with moving forward by hiring one or more artists to do character mockups (in other words, this is/may be a competitive job).

Stage 2 of the project is for the artist(s) we select to create art more art for the game. Stage 2 relates to an on-going part-time job over the next couple of months and we'd like to meet someone who can create art assets on a bi-daily or tri-daily basis in order to meet our goals. Ideally, you'd be-- at minimum-- able to create assets at least once every 3 days or sooner, if you aren't able -- this may not be the opportunity for you.

(We're being pretty strict about this. While we are understanding of "life happens" situations, ghosting, excuses and general immaturity won't really be tolerated. We're being completely upfront about our situation, expectations and if you apply we expect the same to get work done effectively. So, once again please take note of this.)

Also to be clear-- we aren't looking to monopolize your time or energy. We need simple, clean, good looking pixel art. It's important for you, as the artist to be comfortable making this style so that you can do so efficiently. This isn't a studio production -- simply a labor of love on our part which we are willing to pay for. Due to that, it's imperative that you be able to create art assets (or communicate effectively if there is an issue) so that we don't spend a great deal of your time or energy working on something that would be counterproductive to you making money effectively.

The Job:
Here is a summary of what we are looking for in artists:

  • The ability to communicate honestly. This is a big one. We aren't looking to be told what we want to hear, we aren't unreasonable and we value honesty. At the end of the day that's what helps us both get what we want out of the deal. If something isn't your cup of tea--let us know. Avoiding us for 3 days because you're stressing about something you agreed to do, but later figured out wasn't your forte isn't really acceptable. Telling us it's not your thing is perfectly fine. This mentality is the bare minimum requirement for taking this job.
  • The ability to follow instructions. This seems like a given, but in the past we've worked with artists who, for some reason, seem to get very upset that they can't do things "their own way". This is odd to us, considering we're hiring you for a service. Usually, we have a good reason for the way we want things done. We would like to work with someone that realizes and can honor that-- and won't take it personal if we have a clear idea of how we want our work structured. This is also a bare minimum for accepting work on this project.
  • No 2D line art--pixel art only. No worries, the art assets you'll be making won't require a ton of detail or shading. We want clean, simple, good looking art assets--they just need to be done in pixel art style.
  • Must be comfortable with human animation work. The mockups won't require a animations, but should you be hired -- some of the other character work will(such as throwing punches or kicks,walking,etc). It's highly recommended that, in order to make the most out of this opportunity, you be comfortable with animating.
  • Character Frame Size is 48x48 in dimension. The price for each frame is 1-3$ depending on subject matter. As such, this is why we are looking for someone who is comfortable working within the art style. Because the price is relatively low, we aren't asking for a great deal of detail or time spent on each piece. We just need good looking, clean art. Our focus is to build this in a way that takes small amounts of time for both us and you as the artist.
  • We are open to you using your own "style" as long as it is 1) Anime and 2) Resembles something you'd see in the Dragon Ball universe somewhat. In other words, we don't expect you to match the artwork of a seasoned mangaka or anything unreasonable like that.

Payment Options:
  • Paypal (Fastest)
  • Cashapp (May take upwards of 3-5 days to transfer and send funds).
  • Open to other types of funds transfer.

To give you an idea of the kind of art that would make us happy, if you could create similar to this look/aesthetic in a 48x48 size character frame  - then you'd be a great fit for the project.

We prefer to maintain contact via discord.
It's an app that can be used via mobile or PC.
Inbox for contact info.

Thanks for your time and attention reading.

Hello, Avid here.

I'm normally on here purchasing work from artists but today I thought I'd try something a little different.
I normally provide my services programming for others, but I'm willing to work trade-lance with an artist under the right circumstances.

What this means is -- I provide programming for your game, while you provide art for me on even terms. (That means we come to a deal that both of us can agree to, communicate honestly with one another without all the subterfuge or manipulation--and actually get great things done.)

In terms of whether it's a "for profit" (potential payment), upon completing/releasing the game we would both sign legal documents 50/50 share or otherwise negotiated depending on the work situation. For example, sometimes I often act as lead project developer which is a whole other job aside from programming. If that's the case, obviously the potential share would be different. Once again, no funny business on my end and I respect the same, we will honestly, fairly hammer these details out.

A bit about me:

I have experience working in a lesser-known language called DM (about 5-6 years), which is great for making multiplayer online games quickly. I have minor experience with HTML,CSS and Javascript.

I also have limited experience working with/in Unity.  Ideally, I prefer working on anime styled or themed games (not necessarily fan games, just anime themed) , but I'm open to other things if it interests me.

I'm currently working from home, and also developing games, one of my current projects (which can be played) is called Kage : Rise of The Tengu. It is a naruto inspired action adventure game. It has been put together with a budget of about 400$ total in about 2 years (mostly recreated this year after my PC died unexpectedly). You can check that out if you like

I'm not willing to work with just anyone, in fact I am extremely selective with my time and energy. If I were to agree to this it would have to have a good chance of completion on the project. The person or persons I work with will need to be -- at minimum:
  • Realistic. People who have little experience developing games often quit, because they aren't prepared to work consistently over a long period of time. If you can't make this time investment, we should probably not work together (simply because it will save both our time and energy).
  • Honest. It's important to drop all pretenses when working in a team. Ego destroys teams. So does lack of communication.
  • Motivated. If you are the type of person who can only complete work when you feel others are working as well--you might not be suited to develop games. I generally do a ton of programming in one sitting, and some days I program 10 hours straight--it really just depends on the task. Art may take decidedly longer on a consistent basis. If you misinterpret a lack of work and stall the project out, no one wins and vice versa, once again this may not be an opportunity for you.
  • Being extremely fickle is a detriment. All great artists are passionate, but the dark side to this is sometimes that the flame of creation flickers. You have to be able to produce work when you don't "feel" like it--sometimes, not all the times but sometimes.

Other than that, we can work out a work schedule, game document and create some good things. I'm open to game ideas of all types, genres and scopes.

Any other details we can discuss. Thanks for your time and attention.


Job offers / 2d Ninja Game In Need of Simple, Clean Art!
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:22:13 am »

Hi, Avid here and I'm yet again on the hunt for a pixel artist to help me out with the next phases of my project. Before we get started though, I just have a few things to point out:

  • I prefer to start small. This is normally because I want to see how well you do without spending too much money on something I may not be able to use (I've paid tons of people, regardless of whether I could actually use their art, simply to cover some of their time spent.)  That being said, please DO NOT message me unless you're absolutely sure you can replicate/compliment the style of the art in the game. It's counterproductive since I'm a single game developer working on a large project.
  • If things go well, there will be more work in the future. I'm open to working with you based on your strengths and desires.
  • Be honest and straightforward, I can't stress this enough. I'm really simple to work with-- really. It's 100% okay to be honest about situations and happenings. I won't get upset--unless
  • You waste my time and energy or give me "life happens" excuses after practically begging for the job or getting the job then treating it as an "option". I've had several artists waste my time recently asking me to wait weeks for jobs that should have only taken hours, only to realize they had no intention of following through. Don't be that guy/gal! You will be blacklisted! Plainly put, if your schedule is "stacked" or you have doubts, please don't ask for / accept the job.

Now that I've mentioned what I don't want, its time to mention what I do!

I'd like to start with something VERY simple: Mounts!

Mounts are, as you may know, items or creatures that the player can ride around on. For Kage, most mounts are very simple to make (some are single state, 1-3 frame animated).

For the next four mounts I have in mind I need:
  • A giant leaf.
  • A giant shuriken.
  • Wings (Two types, Demon and Angel)

Pay Rate:
2-4$ per frame, non-negotiable. This is but the first step, I actually have more work which pays more and needs to be done, however, I can't feel comfortable trusting someone with that until they meet the basic requirements of creating art that meshes well with the current game.

Time Estimated:
1 hr, MAYBE 2 for skilled artists. Each frame should take around 10 minutes, maybe less as there are no complex designs in most of the mounts or complex animations.  However, you will actually have 2 days to deliver with an extra 1$ per frame if you complete the job early on day 1.

Previews From The Game:

Thanks for your time and attention. You can contact me more quickly via Discord at avidflexxinfan#8764

Job offers / Seeking Chibi Pixel artist
« on: June 03, 2018, 04:30:33 pm »
Please read:
Look, I get it, you guys and gals are effectively shooting your shot when answering these ads.
"Take the job, if you can't do it or handle it no harm no foul."
I completely understand. I can't be any more honest, upfront or transparent than I have been however, and I can't stress this enough. Please, do not, under any circumstances, waste my time or energy applying for a job, vying for it, actually getting it, then disappearing for days or even weeks on end. (ESPECIALLY if I give you a simple starter task that can be done within a few hours.)
Thank you for reading now onto the *actual* post.  :y:

Job Info
I'm looking to have art made for a 2D Dragonball action adventure game.

The style is Chibi (modified) pixel art.

Reference Images:

Basically, I'd like something almost exactly like the above image (or ideally better) except, the limbs need to be a bit longer.

Example # 2 is a reference image for the body shape / limb length size done in the same style (chibi):

To start the job is simply, to make several mock-ups of a character in this style.Simple 1 frame mock-up. The end result, for the person who can achieve this, is the job of making character art for the game long term.

This includes various types of player characters, enemies, and potentially things like skills, clothing,etc. Yes the job is paid, rates are negotiable and the budget is not specified because the job is on-going and will be done in phases.

The size of the frame (dimensions) are 48x48, no larger than 64x64. For anyone who gets the job, they must also be able to animate the art they create into several different animations (punch, kick , etc).

You can contact me here, or via discord @ avidflexxinfan #8764.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Job offers / Ninja Miscellaneous
« on: May 24, 2018, 11:47:01 am »
Avid here. Seeking an artist, but before you read further, please take note:
  • Timely work only. It's important to show consistent progress towards the job (every 2-3 days tops).
  • I ultimately need work that blends with the current art style of the game.

This isn't me being picky, it's just an effort to save both your time and my own. I tend to meet people who promise the world and flake out or can't fulfill their promises (yes, even when being paid the prices they ask on their terms it *still* happens).

In short, just be upfront and honest, I am!

Now onto business.

I have a ninja game I'm working to release within the coming months. It's called Kage and it has quite a few visual needs. At the moment, however, I am looking to have a few things done.

  • Weapon Visuals - There are 6 weapons in the game. I'd like them to appear on the player's person / body. This basically translates into N,S and E facing single frame depictions of each weapon, sheathed and unsheathed. In addition, I may add "special" weapons as well.
  • Ninja Tools - These are generally 32x32 sized icons which represent ninja tools. Think shurikens or caltrops, etc.
  • Ninja Techniques - These may be animated, sometimes not and the sizes vary. They could range from haunted dolls to fireballs, it depends.
  • Tilesets- I do need original tilesets for the game. There are roughly 9-10 areas, and each tileset probably consists of 9-18 32x32 sized tiles.
  • UI / HUD Elements - I'd like to replace the user interface and hud elements of the game. Things like health bar, etc.
  • This list can be considered a small group of jobs, and there is no specific order other than whichever job I feel I need the most at the moment, or whichever job you seem best suited to.

Payment is flexible and can be discussed. I don't by any means expect "all" of this to be done within a week btw. This is a series of smaller jobs which I will need weekly progress for. Baby steps to giant strides.

Discord contact:


Unpaid Work / Dragon Ball Exodus
« on: March 15, 2018, 08:39:34 pm »
I'm Avid. I work on free to play MMOs in my free time in addition to personal projects. One of which is a Dragon Ball Super inspired game called Exodus.

Exodus places the player into the shoes of a warrior who has been drafted by earth's guardian -- Dende to assist with colonizing planets in Universe 7.

The player can choose from 1 of 6 origins,( Saiyan, Namekian, Icer, Human, Alien or Majin) and explore uninhabited planets to prepare them for civilization. Unbeknownst to Dende the forces of evil are also afoot in the universe, hoping to destroy rather than create new life.

Early WIPS

The player can choose which faction they would like to become a part of and adventure in PVP , PVE based gameplay in an online setting.

Current Origins

The game has been in development for several months now(since Jan 15th), with a demo in the works within the next few weeks. The goal of this post is to procure a team of artists for the project. (Ideally 3).

The majority of the character work is done, your job would be to edit the character base to reflect each of the origin settings, as well as create new clothing, hairstyles or accessories. (Don't worry, we already have a few people who will handle placement/positioning of these assets, you are simply responsible for content creation.)

This is the first step in building the online presence of the game, which is scheduled to begin later this year.

Looking forward to hearing from potential artists.

Job offers / [PAID] 3-5$ per frame, anime styled characers
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:36:17 pm »
Please, only artists who have actual work in the anime style of art respond to this, it will save us both time and effort (thanks in advance).

I'm in need of still frames of various characters from different animes (example, Dragonball Z, One Piece, Etc)

These would be still images of some of the characters, or alternate versions of said characters as well.

There isn't a set number on the amount I need currently as the project is a dynamic one which may lead to more work down the road as well.

The type of look I'm going for is simple, clean and good looking.
Frame (dimension) size is 120x120, of which only a portion of that needs to be used. The rest is a buffer for things like swords, aura, etc.


This is an example of the end result I'd like with these images and of course if you can do better in an effortless way, by all means send me a message.

I'm only accepting artists who have experience making anime styled art and proof of such (sorry, been getting way too many responses lately so it's a bit overwhelming).

Thanks in advance though and I look forward to working with 1 or more people on this.

Job offers / [Paid] Elemental Effects[closed]
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:49:58 pm »
I'd like to hire an effects artist for a 2D MMO action adventure game.
It centers around ninja.
Basically what I need are various skill/spell effects (such as fire, lightning, water) all animated for the most part.

Budget: Negotiable

More info:
The job would need to be finished in a week to 12 days tops.
Most of it is small icon work 32x32 in size, and a few 64x64 size for area of effect skills.
I currently have 9 elements in the game and would need 1-3 animations for each element for a total of 18 or so skill/technique animations.

Following are visuals from the game:

Unpaid Work / [Rev-Share] Anime-JRPG style artist needed
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:05:49 pm »
In a nutshell, our team works on various fan games in our free time, the first project of which is called Grand Line Chronicles.
We're currently in the process of meeting artists who might be interested in making the game come to life.

You can view info about the project here:

You can contact me via inbox or here if you have questions. The Rev Share is 30% project expenses for server, 70% is reserved for artists to create the art assets.


Job offers / [paid] Anime/Jrpg styled One Piece Art
« on: July 19, 2017, 04:16:10 pm »

I'm working on a few projects, one of which being a One Piece fan game.
I'm looking to hire an artist(s) to create mock up art work of the preliminary characters. If this goes well, then I'd be hiring you for animation work on 5 directional character bases for the game's three player types, Mer-Man, Human and Beast man.

The Job

**The work this job entails is creating single still frame character mock ups in pixel art form.
The dimensions will be 64 x 64 in size 3$ per frame or and 96 x 96 in size 5$ per frame(based upon subject matter of the character in question).

**These will need decent level of detail. Nothing that you would spend a huge ton of time doing, but comparable to something like this :

(ignore the banner, I just need characters)

Also the style will need to resemble this.

You can check out more info about the game, which is already under way, at this link : if you desire.

If you have any questions , shoot me a message, as I'm not terribly good at making ads.

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