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Portfolios / [Portfolio] Hamenopi
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:36:58 am »
Oh Hai! I'm Hamenopi and this is my portfolio.

I'm not really looking for work right now but I would like to share what I do have. If/When that changes, I'll update this.
Until then, enjoy!

The following is some of my works:

Image of CrazeeRuskee to cheer him on in Ludum Dare 30

Image of theBlizzardMuffin to cheer him on in Ludum Dare 30

Timelapse Pixel Art Animation of Mouse in Pyxel Edit

Commentary Let's Test Pyxel Edit (youTube Links)
Ep4 (Not Released)

Timelapse Pixel Art of Mr. Mad Apple in GIMP

Timelapse Pixel Art of Blizzard, the Muffin King in GIMP

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