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Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#214 - Chicken & Scene
« on: August 28, 2014, 08:03:25 pm »
Hi there :)
So I got rather intoxicated last night and dreamt up a game about a chicken which in order to save his fellow chickens from the slaughterhouse travels back in time to ensure that birds become the dominant species in the future. It's meant to be a fire emblem style tactical rpg in which you would recruit dinosaurs and battle early mammals.
And what better way to introduce myself here than to ask for help in illustrating my drunken fever dream :)
This here tactical chicken would be the portrait to be shown during conversation, maybe I'll get to doing a full mockup at some point but for now, this is what I've got:

Not quite happy with the palette yet, especially the reds, always had trouble with red :S
Overall CC and suggestions are very welcome :)
Also, this is my first post here, so I apologize should I have commited some posting faux pas^^

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