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General Discussion / Victory Bout. 2 player boxing game
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:26:53 pm »
Ok, let's try this thing. I usually don't put my private game projects out in the open, but in this case, part of the reason I made this specific idea was the feedback other players could give. So here is my little pet project:

Victory Bout

The game is a 2-player only boxing game centered around social playing. While the fighing is going on on-screen, the players can slap each other off-screen. While it has no effect on the game, it creates a diversion you can exploit on-screen and creates tension between the players. I was planning on making a game I could play with some friends on my spare time, and this is an experiment on how to get players more engaged in the game. I tried to emulate the feeling you get when you played against friends on the old consoles, so I aimed at a quasi-NES look. The pixel art isn't all that impressive, but it's not intended to be, I suppose. Simple game.

I can predict someone will request a 1-player mode, (maybe online,) but again, this is an experiment on how you interact with others while playing. I can add more to the game if there is demand for it. I'm guessing the most of us don't have people around to play this with at all times, so it's a shot in the dark, but a shot nonetheless. The game supports joypads if you don't feel like huddling over one keyboard.

Download the game
8,24 MB

Shift = Punch
Ctrl = Block
Down+Shift = Charge Punch
Up = Slap

Press Ctrl+Y to change controls

I really want to hear your thoughts. Bug reports are always welcome and feel free to share your strategies.

There is also an easter egg in there for those willing to look.

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