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Contact Information
Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com

About Me
My name is Molly Heady-Carroll and I'm an artist living in Bussum, the Netherlands. I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and have a Masters Degree in Game Art, which I received in 2014. Since then, I have been freelancing on numerous projects long-distant all over the world. In that time I have worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of games and animation projects (including animated shorts and documentaries, RPGs, Serious Games, 2D Fighting Games, Smart Phone Games, Casual Games, Flash Games, Kickstarter Projects, Card Games and Point and Click Adventures among many others). Past roles I've taken on include 2D asset artist, character/creature concept artist, 2D animator, pixel sprite artist and promotional art illustrator. (For my CV and list of clients, go here:

My am highly experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator and GraphicsGale and also frequently work with traditional drawing/inking media and watercolour paint. I am, however, a flexible artist who enjoys tackling new materials, styles and projects and work comfortably with other artists. I also have experience with Premiere and video editing. I have much experience working over the internet and take great care to communicate frequently and clearly with clients to ensure a smooth and happy working relationship.

For more information, a list of clients and my online portfolio, visit:

Art Samples

Pixel Art
Character Sprites, Design and Animation

My Peculiar Brother:

Brock Crocodile (

Melancholy Republic (

Character Concept Art
Creature/Character concept art, artist reference and turn sheets.

Character illustrations and promotional art   

What Am I Looking For?
I am currently looking for mid/long-term commercial projects that I can work on part time (24-36 hours a week). Positions I am interested in are creature/character concept art for animation and games, Illustration and/or 2D videogame asset creation.

Contact Information
Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!

Portfolios / [Portfolio] Molly: 2D/Pixel Artist for Hire
« on: July 30, 2014, 09:32:25 pm »
Greeting Pixelation community! My name is Molly and I'm looking to do some freelance sprite work for y'all. ;)
I'm a game artist, pixel artist, animator and illustrator. I have experience working on numerous game projects and enjoy tackling new styles.
I specialize in character sprite design/animation but can also develop other assets such as environment, UI art and portraits.
Here are a few examples of sprite work I've done for commercial projects (these are NOT for sale or reuse):

For more examples of my work, check out my portfolio here:
I charge 20 per hour. I work quickly so I feel this is pretty fair. ;) I'm also open to flat rates as well but price naturally depends on the workload. I am of course also understanding of budget restraints so I'm open to negotiation. I'm pretty lenient and the worst I can do is say no. :P
If you're interested in comissioning me, PM me or send me an email: mollyheadycarroll(at)
Thanks for reading!


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