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Pixel Art / 3D character animation, total beginner
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:45:06 pm »
Hello everyone.

I'm just starting out learning 3D-animation, and I would love some on my progress, to see if I grasp the concepts correctly. The model used for the character is not made by me.

I have two attacks animated. The first is a bash with the handle.

(I hope posting them as webm poses no problem. If needed, I can remake them as GIFs or post all the images as an archive. I figure that the image zooming feature is not needed here since it's not really about the small details yet.)

I tried making it so he puts his entire body into the bash. There's obviously a lackluster inbetweening in the animation, with probably too much of the movement being mathemathical tweening. However, are the key poses correct? Does it properly look like he's putting his weight into the swing? Does he follow through enough? Is the pose concievable, or is his balance off? Please mention anything off with it!

The second is a swing with the sword.

I have rendered it in two different angles so you can see the entire motion easier. I have not started to work on the inbetweening here yet, so there's a lot of sliding and cracking of limbs. Although I'm welcome any critique, I'm particularly interested in if the key poses seem workable, if it looks believable (although not necessarily realistic).


I've finished more frames of the inbetweening. Does it look better than the previous one?

I'm aware of the brutal skinning problems and ugly mesh deformations, and while I will listen to and note any ideas or comments about the model, do note that I'm not a modeller, nor am I striving to be. I'm only trying to learn animation here.


I have made a very simple idle animation:

As well as a simple walk cycle:

The walk cycle looks off to me, but I can't quite place where he's moving too fast or too slow or putting too much or little weight in.

Thanks for any comments!  ;D

(These smileys are really fun.  ::) :) )

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