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Pixel Art / Need help with running and lunge animations.
« on: January 16, 2015, 06:07:15 am »
I've looked into a fair amount of animation resources (spending nearly a month on it before posting here in an attempt to resolve my current problem) but can't seem to get this right.

This is my downward walk:

If anyone knows a better way to get gif images here I'd like to know. I use Graphicsgale but know how to export to Photoshop in order to make them into Gifs.

I'm unable to give him a running animation for some reason. It always comes off as too flexible or weird. I'm looking to also create a Wind Waker style lunge (where Link leaps in the air at an enemy) but the same problem occurs. These guys have weapons and hold a traditional shield but for efficiency I've kept them separate from the soldier sprites, opting instead to simply overlay them atop the animation.
Here's a screenshot of them with equipment:

Edit: I forgot to mention this but I must not have saved my failed attempts. I'm going to work on an animation for both so that I can provide some sort of "jumping off point" for guidance. That'll be tomorrow though as it's already 10pm.

Pixel Art / :) Just joined, would love some help!
« on: May 15, 2014, 05:58:51 am »

Don't want to animate him before I know for certain things are correct. I want to make a game with League's camera angle (which I've simply decided is close enough to 3/4ths perspective so I'm just going with 3/4ths perspective).

I'm certain that the lighting is off, and I'm thinking that the markings on his arm aren't properly shaded (but I can fix that pretty easily), and he's more or less posing at the moment as this render is a (heavy) modification of a work someone else did. (Not planning on using this as a frame in any of my animations, but will be going with this design, still; I think any feedback for this frame will help me as an artist nonetheless)


He's going to be a fire-based fighter, dealing powerful blows while setting the world ablaze. :)

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