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Pixel Art / Barbarian sprite with NES specs [WIP][C+C]
« on: April 19, 2021, 03:05:17 pm »
So, I'm beginning a new project, inspired/influenced by Castlevania. So far I'm not too concerned on making it super optimized, more if the animation and overall look feel right.

I'm not too keen on that "idle" part, with him flexing his knees... I may cut it out.

Any comments or suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Quick edit: Slightly different colors (different NES palette).
Also modified the face a little bit, making it look like he's facing a bit more toward the camera.

Upon watching that Capcom announcement of their NES Disney titles re-release, named "The Disney Afternoon Collection", and that in general (or is it always?) they at most only add a border around the original 4:3 screen, it got me thinking on how making it 16:9 would affect gameplay.

The only things I could think of were that you would see the enemies coming from a longer distance (incl. respawns) making games easier.

What else do you guys think would happen, and what would Capcom (and other companies) need to do?

Pixel Art / Help-a-noob: Character portraits [C+C]
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:41:05 pm »
So I'm working on these character portraits, but I hit a wall in regards to color (mostly, anyway).
I'm not after "realism", but I can't seem to be able to add more variation, yet I feel like they should have. The two bearded guys at the bottom, for instance, maybe I should add some green on them? But using Arne's Famicube palette (because I don't think I should try and develop my own at this point) it's like there are no other options.

I'm guessing if i added more saturated colors it could work... Or it might look really weird for villains (all characters in bottom row).
Could you guys please enlighten me on this?

Thanks in advance.

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