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Pixel Art / First attempts with isometric Pixel Art, questions & CC
« on: September 04, 2015, 10:44:23 am »
Hello fellows artists, I recently discovered few RPGs gems on emulator and wanted to see what I would be able to realise by myself ( as hobby, since I'm already working on my own game:

This is the first time I'm drawing isometric stuffs, perspective had never been in my comfort zone, but the enjoyable part with isometry is the fact you can't be wrong if you follow the grid. The overall idea of this "project" even if this is never gonna happen is to make a RPG based on grid fight ( like Banner Saga, Dofus etc. ) but with the mood of Shadow of the colossus, Princess mononoke & Jade Cocoon.

This is what I've done in approximately 2 hours :

So, I have few questions on the subject :

* I've always been attracted by high quality texturing, I'm pretty satisfied with picking randomly the 64x32 tiles model, do you know what is the standard in most games with fancy graphics of the genre?

* About the character:  since I'm not really good with either

 - Do you think his perspective fit one the grid?

 - Does the proportions seems okay, since he is supposed to be seen a bit from top?

 - I've picked 4 tones per colors is that too much for good readability with the landscape?

 - Is it too time consuming to animate character of this size?

* About the dirt tiles : I'm pretty experienced with texture, but

 - Maybe dumb question, but I've filled the transparency between tiles space manually, how do you proceed to make them match? do you merge directly each tiles? Or are you just putting some sprites on a single colored background?

 - And, do you think there is too much colors/contrast on each tiles? I'm afraid of the overall readability in case I'll make a full scene

* Otherwise, I would love to hear your critics, and I would be really interested if you can share your favorites Isometric pixel art backgrounds and/or beautiful tiles.

And for the end, my latest piece in standard pixel art (same kind of univers I want to explore) :

Thanks you folks!

Pixel Art / The Wanderer - WIP / CC / Animation & Sprites
« on: April 08, 2014, 10:37:09 pm »
Hello dear community !

I'm currently working on " The Wanderer ", a game tribute to " The Road " with a FTL like gameplay made by Endgame Studio

Here the first background I've make some weeks ago :

My new piece will be the opener of the kickstarter video, the main character will walk under a rainy post apocalyptic landscape

The Step by step of the character ( WIP ) :


I try to be the most realistic as possible with my pixel art, I've follow the 7 heads/body rules as you can see, but many aspect still clumsy
I will appreciate a lot if you have any feedbacks about the morphology, perspective, his legs who looks uncorrect,  the colors tones, patterns , the lighting etc etc..

The last one at 400 % -> ( the backpack is horrible if you have any idea how to make look it better )

By the way if you any realistic walking animations sprites to share I'm not agaisnt ; )

Thanks WayofthePixel and sorry for my foreigner english

Best regards.

Pixel Art / CyberPunk Gamejam, Last Day before sending it !
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:11:34 am »
Hi everyone, I would like to know what do you think about my pixel art in general made for this contest :

And also on of my first attempt in animation :

The quality is really lower than my .PSD, because of internet compression & shit ..

Anyway I hope you wil like it !

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