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Job offers / [FILLED][PAID] Small-Scope Tileset and Scenery for Tech Demo
« on: February 08, 2014, 11:52:23 am »
Hi all,

I'm looking for someone to create some artwork for a tech demo/market test that I'm working on. The scope of the work is deliberately small.

I've written a brief (, and I'd like to receive quotes for the work from any interested parties. I'll include key parts of the brief here for convenience, but I'd really encourage you to read the full version which is 4 pages long with more detail about delivery format and technical constraints.

Any interested parties should contact me at Funds are ready to pay, and I'm expecting delivery of a contract next week that will be used to formalise the work.

Brief Excerpts

Art Direction - More detail and mood board links in the brief
  • Retro, reminiscent of the 16bit era (SNES/Megadrive/Amiga)
  • A balance between cartoon-esque and artistic: it is intended that the final product should enable players to create narratives, and so the artwork must support both poignant storytelling and fantasy logic, even at this early stage.

Deliverables - delivery format and technical constraints in full brief

  • Grass (16px tiles):
    1.1.   Flat
    1.2.   1:1 slope in both directions
    1.3.   Shallow 2:1 slope in both directions (upper half)
    1.4.   Shallow 2:1 slope in both directions (lower half)
    1.5.   Left and right ‘terminating’ grass, suitable for a ledge
    1.6.   Background (mud below grass, for example)
    1.7.   Left and right ‘terminating’ mud
  • Solid stone brickwork (16px tiles):
    2.1.   Surface to stand upon
    2.2.   Tesselating solid ‘brick’ sections
  • Scenery:
    3.1.   Deciduous leaved tree
    3.2.   Bush, approximately player avatar-sized
    3.3.   Cloud (white)

The art assets are to be used in a tech demo for a 2D platform game, playable on desktops, on mobile and in the browser. Players can create their own maps within the game engine, save them to the cloud and share links to them via social media.


In the interests of expectation management, I think it'd be good for me to explain a little about myself and the context in which this work fits.

I am currently an IT Consultant working on a long-term project in my free time (evenings, train journeys, and any time not taken up working or parenting!). I previously made Clover and Clover: A Curious Tale for Xbox LIVE Indie Games and PC as a full-time indie developer. I went on to talk at Develop Liverpool, host a panel at GDC Europe, and work for Blitz Games Studios on

I've been a freelance web developer, so I understand the concerns of freelance workers. I've also been Head of Web Development at a financial company, and run a couple of startups, so hopefully that suggests something of my professional conduct.

I have not procured artwork from outside of social contacts before - my girlfriend did the art on Clover, and that was supplemented by artists I knew socially. Hence me asking for quotes, as I'm not sure how many hours' worth of work the brief I've assembled constitutes, and what the 'going rate' is (although the threads on this forum have certainly helped on this front).

Experienced hands' feedback on the brief would be gratefully received even if the itself isn't of interest. Hopefully I've included all relevant information!

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