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Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#201 - Pixel Gameart
« on: January 24, 2014, 11:29:19 pm »
So I've been trying to teach myself pixel art for a while. I'm gonna dump stuff in order of development with some notes:

Early attempt at a sci-fi horror chipset, the style is inspired by Capybara because at the time I'd been playing Sword & Sworcery. The colours are very moody and probably a bit low contrast. I'm pleased that I managed to make a functional set of different walls that can be arranged into a variety of shapes.

I then sort of went on a platform tileset kick. I looked at Cave Story, impressed by the efficiency of its simple assets, and produced some assets in a style inspired by that game:

These are made using Dawnbringer's 32 colour palette (you guys can probably tell by looking).

I then decided to have a go at making a comprehensive palette for my own use. It's about 90 colours (92? I can't quite remember) It was probably a terrible idea. It took hours to make and I'm still not 100% happy with it. It was based on Arne's 64 colour palette that was sloshing around the internet but it's been modified heavily:

The palette isn't perfect. It's a little bright for RPGs, but it does produce quite nice, vibrant looking ramps for platformers. Feel free to try it out.
Using this palette, I made some basic platform game tiles, 32x32 in a style of my own:

I also made a sprite base to go with it, with basic animations:

I used these to make a mockup as a piece of album art for the Homestuck Fan Album, 'Land of Fans and Music 3':

I did a bit more work on platformer chipsets, trying to refine further. This is a yellow themed set with a kind of sandy cave feel:

(I'm really happy with those leaves).

Recently I decided it'd be fun to make a retro RPG tileset with 16x16 tiles using Dawnbringer's 16 colour palette. Here is progress on that thus far:

This is proving pretty challenging. I'm not a big dithering fan personally and I'd rather use elegant clusters and shapes where possible, but the limited palette makes that tricky sometimes due to the high contrast. I'm very much open to advice on this!

If there are any things you can advise me on, particularly like consistent errors I'm making, of if you have chipsets or artists you think I should look at because their work is in a similar direction and I could learn from them, drop some comments!

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