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Pixel Art / [CC]Sugar and Spice meets Chemical X!
« on: October 06, 2015, 03:47:12 pm »
Just a little Powerpuff Girl pixel art I thew together this morning. I made Blossom first and used her as a template for Bubbles and Buttercup. I tried to give them their own personality and style with minimal changes to the template. 10 colors counting the background color.

I remember a pixel art program a member here was creating about 6 months ago. It looked very promising, but I can't remember what it was called or who the person making it was. Does anyone remember this or have any info on it?

I remember it had a very impressive rotation tool.

Pixel Art / I'm new and would like some advice on a piece.
« on: December 08, 2013, 01:50:15 pm »
Hello, I'm the new guy  :)

I have messed with image editing for around 15 years and have a grasp on basic things but am completely new to pixel art.  I have read several tutorials and have managed to make this:

It is a boogieman creature that started as a funny story for my niece and sort of warped into my online avatar.  A little about him (it's relevant to the art).  He is kind of a material that you may think of like a dolphin's skin.  He moves with locomotion like how a slug/snail would.  If I were to be realistic, I don't imagine him leaving a slime trail as he moves, so it's not exactly like a slug either.  He also has dark yellow "spots" but I still need to put them in.

I know I still need to try to do some anti aliasing based on a tutorial by Derek Yu, the one with the luchador lawyer, and also final touches and such.  I may try to animate this in the future for an animated avatar.

1.  I would like a little constructive criticism for this pixel art.  I am new to pixel art and really am just "winging it" off of a few tutorials.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
2.  I would like some advice on making him look rubbery/"dolphin skin" for lack of a better word.
3.  Even though he doesn't secrete slime for locomotion, in your opinion would he look better with a wetter looking base?
4.  Any advice on making him look more like something from a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo era character or cut scene even?


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