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Hello, I am Spyros Kontis, specializing in pixel art, digital art, concepts and 2D animation. I have
worked as the main artist in various companies, such as and
and many other, some of which I mention below.

I am currently available to work on PAID projects, I am open to discuss both flat rates or hour rates.

My prices are reasonable if you are serious about it.
Below are samples from RPG, Platform and Fighting games  I was hired to create, if you like what you see hire me to make your game shine !
In case you were looking for something different, still send me an email, I am versatile and can mimic almost any
pre-existing graphic style or create a unique one.

You can contact me in
My discord id is :  Animator#6287

My portfolio is devided in two main categories:
Category A) first I present samples where the art was created by myself.
Category B) second I present samples where I was the Lead Artist of a team of artists.

    Category A)

1) Pixel art samples

The Lionheart of Liuzhou - Isometric pixel art.

2) Digital art samples

3) Concept Illustrations

4) Fighting Games

You can also play them on Google Play, in Lion Games page

Job offers / Looking for a pixel artist
« on: November 12, 2016, 08:55:23 am »
Position filled.
Thanks to all that applied.

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