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Pixel Art / [Wip] small Character, could use some help i guess :)
« on: January 30, 2014, 12:07:02 pm »
Hello, i am working on another character base. I want to try working on a 32x32 scale, since it seems more common?
Anyways i have a few problems to decide wich head i like better. I generaly go for cute art so... yeah... help? ^^

I am not sure about the shading aswell o__o

since i just made it a bigger view (i didnt correct the shades/lights of the top right one sry)

Pixel Art / Character Animation - Help appreciated ^^
« on: August 29, 2013, 04:15:57 pm »
im very new to this forum. It took me a while to find it again. I remembered finding an exelent Tree tutorial here, so i decided to visit and if possible get some help and inspiration :)

I am working on a Character for (maybe) a game.
It's animation frames and... well i would like to have others with experience in pixel work have a look at it. This could prevent me from finding critical mistakes in the middle of working on cloth and all that x.x

I guess i said enough for now. Here is the little guy:

1-3 walking
4 get hit
5-6 using farmtool/attack1
7-8 using farm too/attack2
9 sit

ehr... does this already fall under nudity? o_O if so ill change the title ofcours ^^;

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