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2D & 3D / Hey guys, me again
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:24:02 am »
Been a while since I opened a new topic here. I posted some stuff in here:

Anyway, I have a couple of WIPs and one "completed" piece (which can be subject to change because I feel the colors really need fixing on it.)

Here are the two WIPs I'm working on, at the moment:

This is my first time incorporating two styles into one image (Vexeling and Tablet Drawing/Painting). The entire idea of this piece isn't all presented in it's current stage at the moment. There will some sort of creature (probably an animal) on the left side of the piece which will act as some sort of representation of the human's sign/aura/etc on the right. Considering the current colors (subject to change), I'm think maybe an approach of some sort of Zodiac sign concept should be incorporated here? (Just throwing ideas out there).

Anyway, would be nice to get some crit and advice for this.

I took a different route for the perspective on this one. It's in a very basic sketch at the moment. Some of it will be drawn more precisely and some of it will also be vexeled (but I plan on trying to mesh the two styles together so that the two styles don't conflict with each other too much, in terms of separate appeal. I will try to do this for the 1st WIP as well.). Most of the ideas in this piece are already presented in the image already, but at a very base level of execution. Current colors are definitely not final. And yes, the ground is breaking/splitting, but not in a realistic physics sense. Rather fictional way and cartoon-y.

Some ideas and advice would be very helpful and appreciated.

Here's the completed piece:

I feel like I got some of the colors in here a bit wrong. May I get some crit and advice on this too please? Thanks in advance.

2D & 3D / new here
« on: August 18, 2013, 10:40:39 pm »
Hey hello. Just floating by here. My forte is Vexeling on a small canvas. I've kept quite the eye on this forum for a while.

I almost feel as if I've reached a peek in the techniques that I currently practice. I want to improve more though, as I feel this (my work) still isn't impressive enough, even for my liking. So I've noticed that you guys are very helpful and detailed in your critiquing and comments, which is what I love about this forum. So I was simply wondering if you guys can help me with what I can improve on, please.

I don't work on actual concepts as much as I should, but I do however experiment with color combinations and overall color composition a lot.

It's mostly just using Photoshop's Pentool and Brush.

Here's a few pieces I've made:

What do you guys think?

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