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General Discussion / (waka waka) I got a wacom tablet
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:33:07 pm »
I feel very giddy.  not much to say really.

It's a 10 inch, 6 inch of actual drawing room on it.  little ***** burned $100!!!

It feels very unnatural, lol, but it's better than the mouse, and faster than drawing, take picture, remove sd, insert sd, wait for pop up, find picture, move picture, load picture, edit over picture at least.

It's probably not useful for pixel art, so I'm thinking I'll just do rough sketches with it, then remove jaggies/perfect the artwork according to elements of pixel art.

I guess I'm posting to get your opinions, and also to ask: what programs do you use tablets to draw in?  Is graphicsgale go ok with it?  I'm gonna have to set up hotkeys, I was used to using the space bar for the pop up but now I'm thinking of assigning hotkeys to the alphabet to better suit the tablet.

General Discussion / Music!
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:48:38 am »
Music is essential to any game!

Yamaha keyboards got a lot of instruments to choose from, and I got a word document with all the keys of over 40 scales major/minor.

So post here and ask for an improv of any scale/key, and I will post upon your request either an .mp3 of your chosen quality (ready to go), or a .mus file(sheet music).  If your not specific, don't expect what you're asking for to sound like what you had in your head.  You can't ask someone to draw a skull for you and expect it to turn out exactly like you thought it, you'd have to give dimensions, color pallettes, and an example to get it exact..  Here's a start, for those of you who aren't in the music loop:


I play guitar too! 

I'm pretty good at both.  I can play Song of Healing, Song of Storms, Serenade of Water, for the most part Zelda stuff on piano.  For guitar, I play Angel of Death, Hammer Smashed Face, Raining Blood, mostly Death/Thrash Metal.  I play both instruments many hours a day, to the point of carpal tunnel on cold days :(.  It is a lifestyle I am accustomed to.

I use audacity to edit my files, so if you have, idk, let's say a track that needs a beat, or a beat that needs a track, you can send me the sound file, and I can add onto it in audacity.

Music is essential to any game, and I love this community and thought I'd give out some nice improvisations to some nice people.  No license, the song I make for you is yours for free :)

I will help in the order of posted requests, no saying how many I will complete.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#137 - Sword Icon
« on: September 12, 2013, 01:31:23 am »

How to make it better?  Thanks guys.

I realize now I should focus on one at a time instead of posting a bunch of stuff, this work takes time, attention to detail, and most of all, patience.

General Discussion / What if the kids of pixel art didn't get pixel help?
« on: September 04, 2013, 11:00:52 pm »
Edit: Opinions are not facts

Some pixel humor, some of you probably already check this out.  It is a gem among the internet for pixel artists.

What is it??:

    The link is to a set of online magazines that are based on this so called OHR engine.  OHR is, in my opinion, a stunted version of game development, pretty much drag and drop the sprites into a template of choice and make your game...

    Some of these games are rediculously funny.  They wouldn't be, normally, I mean, but some of them are simply either impossible to beat, or as easy as holding the spacebar for every fight for 20 minutes of gameplay.  But they get reviewed.  Angry Video Game Nerd is cool and all, but he only covers retro hits (and misses).

    Also compare to game informer.. Full of advertisements and games you don't have the money for.  With HamsterSpeak, you get these articles written without ratings, without bias.. Without corporate payoffs for good/bad reviews.  They were just told to give fair reviews, regardless of their personal opinions.. On the games we care about, games based around spriting techniques.  Not only is every magazine there, in your face loads quick, but if and when you find a game that your like, 'hey, I would like to play that game,' you can play it on the internet for free!  ******* cool!


Click the link titled 'Seige of Gondor' after clicking the above html link.  It is pretty much what I look for when I go through these articles.  Games that had some real inspiration (In this case, lord of the rings), but made by somebody without enough common sense to run his ideas and artwork by professionals for an upgrade to a higher spectrum of online games.  This is what makes it awesome:  The HamsterSpeak magazine reviewers gives these games honest reviews!  I mean, normally, you get 'This game sucks, blah blah blah, no depth.' etc.  But these guys, omg.  In one of them, This dude finds the worst games he can, literally unplayable  :yell:dingleberries :yell: of the internet, and gives them in depth reviews of pros and cons.

Pixel Art / MTD Sprites
« on: September 04, 2013, 01:12:33 am »
Edit: MTD = mentally transmitted disease, codename for the project sprites in this thread belong to.


I guess what I'm asking for is critique, help shading (if you can do one and set it as an example to do for the rest of the swords or axes, that'd be great)


The weapons from the other thread are what goes in the inventory screen.  These creatures are far more important, they are actually in-game!!!

No reference, just kinda winged it.  Started scribbling, cleaned up lines, then figured 'Oh it looks like a tentacle' or, 'oh, I should put a big eyeball in the middle,'

I can't shade, it always comes out as either noise, or it hurts the detail of the image.  When I see sprites from games like Final Fantasy, or Black Tiger, I s*** bricks.  I wonder if there is any inspiring artwork from people who don't use reference to unleash their creativity, because it seems like everyone is all over techniques like art class to paper to pixel, fakemon, or even the lame-o splicing.

Critique please.

General Discussion / The inhabitants of this forum
« on: August 19, 2013, 11:25:58 pm »
You guys are overwhelmingly helpful, going out of your way a lot of times searching for references and sources to perfect yours and others work.  It is almost scary, the level of preserverance, very admirable to say the least.  Nobody is afraid to stick their hand out and pick up those below them, what a rare thing to see these days.

I just thought I'd pay my respects to such an outstanding community.

Pixel Art / Please criticise me to hell and back
« on: August 17, 2013, 11:05:59 pm »

Please help me improve my sprites.  They are all within 32x32, the Ice Shard is 64x64.

What am I consistently doing wrong?  What is wrong with some, but I did better on others?

I feel like everytime I add legs to my suit of armor it looks horrible and I have tried to draw legs more than a dozen times and never saved them.

From Top to Bottom, in left to right order:

We Have the Ice Shard,
Ghost Skull, Mooby
Poison Bird
Fire Bird
Voodoo Mask (I think I'll have the Ghost Skulls wear these)
and the main character, or another enemy?  idk

This is like a month of work, and I was reluctant to share, but after seeing the quality work you guys throw out here, it makes me reconsider the benefits of getting the feedback to improve on my (now I know to be pretty ***tty) sprites.

Thanks a million

General Discussion / Custom Graphicsgale Pen/Tile
« on: August 12, 2013, 09:42:55 pm »

Is there any out there can be added to the above tile/pen set?

If not, I guess I'll get started making a solid, large set of my own, and share it with you guys of course.

hell, I'd even throw in some autohotkey executive files to hotkey different pen/tiles for convenience

General Discussion / Legally Colorblind
« on: August 12, 2013, 08:39:13 pm »
Is there anybody else that sees only 3 colors in the rainbow?  I have gotten my sprites drawn out and shaded in black and white, but I have trouble differentiating colors on the green/red spectrum of wavelengths.  No, staring at the sun isn't the cause of this (although I did do that as a young kid for some reason).  It turns out, I had my dad check it out and he has the same ordeal.  I believe it is genetic.

I'm coping fine as long as I stay technical and learn the appropriate hex values.  Adobe Flash lets me mouse over colors and pick out hex fluctuations that my eyes simply can't. (I use graphicsgale btw, not flash)

Anyways... Just thought I'd point this out.  You may not even know you are deficient in seeing colors, I didn't until I was much older.  The ratio of you forumgoers having some sort of color deficiency is probably one in 30, considering there are varying spectrum deficiencies.  There is a whole article on wikipedia, if you trust their malleable information, lol.


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