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Pixel Art / [C+C] RPG Walkarounds for 70s bands
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:04:39 am »
Hi! I'm working on pixel art for a game idea I have. It's dedicated to my favorite musician Todd Rundgren and his band Utopia. they have a song called "Singring and the Glass Guitar" and it frankly makes a great concept for a short RPG, which is what I want to do.

it stars the four members of the band in a short RPG and I'm working on the walkarounds for them at the moment. At the moment, I have Todd's turnaround and front sprite walking done, and Kasim's front sprite and front sprite walking done.

I haven't done pixel art in a long time. My skills are very rusty, and I've never been good at making 4 way overworld walkarounds, so this is a huge challenge on my part.

Because these are actual humans, I can't use hair color to distinguish the members. Thankfully, I'm rather good at likenesses and have a set style in mind for the band members in the game. the biggest obstacles for me are the base sprites for the walkaround and adding clothing. Todd's outfit worked well enough in the low resolution, but Kasim's wrap??? on his chest looks kinda garbage, so I'd love so advice.

The palettes aren't set in stone yet, and I realize that Kasim's skin tones likely overlap with his hair color, but for the sake of easy tweaking, I'm leaving them separate until his sprites are pretty much done.

Here's a few links to how I'm going to stylize the members in the game + a bit of their outfits: Todd Rundgren and Kasim Sulton

Todd's sprites:

Kasim's sprites:

General Discussion / Preventing banding while shading
« on: July 27, 2013, 10:45:47 pm »
hello hello! i apologize if this is in the wrong forum. As I'm not really looking for critique on my own art other than general technique, and the fact I'd also like to discuss banding and shading in general, I felt it was best to put it here instead.
One of the problems i have as an artist, within pixel art and out, is cel shading, or at the very least, shading without using soft gradients or any kind of blending. As you can see, this also applies to pixel art as you're working with limited colors. I can shade things with maybe 1 shade and 1 highlight, but past that I find myself getting into banding territory. How do I shade complex objects like torsos and arms without banding, especially in pixel art? what about other complex forms?
I made a quick demonstration on a dragon guy i drew up. I tried to shade him with 4 shades as to test out my own ability. as you can see, there are issues with banding on his leg and tail, along with weird shading on his torso and arm.
I honestly don't know how to go about this. The more shades I add, the easier it is to band my shading. Even when working in higher resolution digital art, I still have problems displaying soft changes in value with a limited palette as to create an illusion of a rounded surface. I want to be able to define my art with more than one shade. How do you guys tackle this?

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