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Devlogs & Projects / MakaPixel's Game Projects
« on: June 16, 2018, 11:33:05 am »
I hope it's okay if I use this thread as a home base for all the games that I have been working on. As well as pixel art, animations, ideas, etc.

I will be updating this thread slowly but surely over the coming weeks/months.

My intent for this thread is to get feedback, comments and critiques from the community.

I've tried posting my work to twitter but it doesn't seem like a good place for discussion. As it stands now I haven't really found a community for posting and discussing games, design, pixel art, animation, etc. With twitter for instance if I post my work people don't really comment in a way that starts discussion. I understand that is the nature of twitter though.

For awhile now I've been longing for more discussion about my work so that I can learn more about myself and learn from other peoples experiences as well. No one man is an island. I do have friends that comment on my work as well as other designers but I'd love it if I could get more fresh takes. I'd like to hear some suggestions or ideas or just general brainstorming.

I'd like to create a dialogue between myself and the community. I believe the games that I'm working on are pretty cool and unique(art style wise) I would like to know if they resonate at all with the community.

Please let me know what you think about these projects! Thank you!

For now I'll post a few screenshots and gifs of what I'm working on so far.

Red Hot Riders: It's a fiction based western game that is inspired by such games as Metal Slug, Gunstar Heroes and Sunset Riders. It's an action game that puts emphasis on smooth kinetic movement and stylish action. It was going to be a 4 player game but due to the inability to release it on Switch/PS4 I've decided to turn it into a single player game. I don't think PC players will be sitting down locally and playing a 4 player game on 1 PC. Sadly.

Goal of the game is to fight through waves of enemies per stage and beat a boss at the end of each stage. After you complete a stage you'll be taken to a shop where you can buy equipment. In the core game I wanted to keep the amount of weapons you can get fairly small. You'll always be equipped with a handgun but you can switch to either shotgun, machinegun, or rifle depending on which you find and pick up. Like in Metal Slug the secondary weapons have ammo. However, you can freely switch between Handgun and secondary weapon.  You can also pick up sub weapons in the form of bottles, molotovs, grenades, dynamite and a special fire work sub weapon.

There is also a sub system where you have a little robot partner that you can upgrade as you play through the stage. I initially wanted the players to raise this robot buddy throughout the course of the game but instead I've decided to take a more Cave Story approach and you'll level the robot up per stage by finding special pickups inside enemies, boxes, chests, etc.

I'm currently in the process of rethinking the scope.

Untitled Game #1

Action based platformer game that takes inspiration from Devil May Cry, Earthworm Jim and other wacky Sega Genesis style platformers. I'm designing the game so that combos are more organic and physics based(like Smash Bros) and less dial a combo.

Goal of the game is basically to fight and combo the shit out of Ice based enemies. However, since I've stopped development on this game I've decided that when I go back enemies will be a lot more wackier than just ice enemies. It's gonna be sort of an drug based high/trip. So think like fighting fire hydrants, street signs and other weird inanimate objects.

You can also explore the stage and find hidden objects, collectibles, and secrets. At the end of the stage you'll fight a big boss and a score will tally at the end and you'll be graded. I've always liked when games do grades because it helps increase the replay value and helps steer the player toward playing the game in a more optimal way.

I was really only thinking it would be like 5 stages long with a decent amount of replay value and reasons for wanting to keep playing. The scope for this game is fairly overwhelming and unfortunately I started this when I didn't quite have the experience to finish it up. I still plan to come back to it some day and shrink the scope down a bit, although my skill level has improved so maybe I wouldn't have to shrink the scope that much.

Pixel Art / [Critique request] Brawler Knight Hook Punch
« on: July 10, 2014, 12:33:21 am »
Hey everyone! I just recently worked on this animation and I figured why not get some critique from some of the best in pixel art/animation!

Anyway I'm just curious what everyone thinks of this? What would you change? How would you do it differently from what I've done? Are there any glaring mistakes that you see? Also I'm primarily looks for critique in the animation department and not so much pixels. Reason being I did not design this character just animated it from a standing pose.

I'm open to all critique(hopefully fair critique) I personally feel it flows pretty well. The only thing I don't like is how it lacks power. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to inject it into this animation. Right now he sort of looks like he is missing because there is no resistance or recoil.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone says  :)


contact info: makapixel at gmail

Hello folks dropping some new portfolio stuff. There is a lot of stuff in here!

Iíve been in the game industry for about a decade (itís coming up!)

Iím currently available to take some game project contract work. Iím looking forward to working with some cool people on some cool projects :)


*   Pixel Art/Animation
*   Spine/Dragon Bones Rigging/Animation (Includes creating art to be used in rigging)
*   Flash pipelines, symbol animation and frame by frame animation.

I apologize for weird formatting of the images ahead of time. Spine animations are quite large and cumbersome. This is just some samples of my work.


DISCLAIMER: This artwork is strictly for portfolio use. Under no circumstance are these allowed to be removed and posted to other sources.


(Links to my previous portfolios with more pixel examples)




(Here is a WIP for my game. There is far too many animations to this should be a nice sample)


For those that are interested, my expertise in Spine/Dragon Bones allowed me the opportunity to work at Electronic Arts Austin. They relocated me at their own expense to work on a secret project.

[I have more Descendants stuff but the gifs are too big, sorry :(]



If you got this far THANK YOU for looking at my portfolio


contact info: makapixel at gmail

Sailor Moon

(work related) Samples from Adventure Time:Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! 




(sized down version of another artist's model)

INDIE GAME WORK(Strictly for portfolio purposes only!!)
Modeled and animated (based on an 8bit reference concepts)

All boy animation below is animated by me soley using this single sprite design as reference/inspiration


All Mech horse animation below is animated by me soley using this single sprite design as reference/inspiration


All Tree Ent animation below is animated by me soley using this single sprite design as reference/inspiration



(rotation on Z plane example for walk)

Samples of a few personal pieces (animation and models by me)

Modeled by someone else animated by me

contact info: makapixel at gmail Micheal Ackerman
Thank you for looking at my work!

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