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Hello all,

I am looking for an artist to create 2 Tilesets and a few spritesheets for an upcoming cross platform 2D RPG I am working on.

A little about me
I have been out of the indie scene for a long time. My last contributions were in the GBA days. I created a pretty complex 2D RPG Engine in which we recreated the entirety of the Leene Square area from Chrono Trigger as a demo, along with working on a game called Western Lords for Blossomsoft. Since then, life has taken it's toll and I haven't had the time I wanted to invest in my side projects.

Professionally, I have a Computer Science degree and work in C#/.NET in my day job doing Automation of workflows for a large Health Care company.

The Game
I am now working on a brand new engine using C# and Monogame and I am preparing a several map demo before I put the project on Kickstarter to gauge interest and get some initial funding.

What I need:
SpriteSheet for the main character (highly detailed, Chrono Trigger style, 32x64)
SpriteSheets for several NPCs (can be fairly simple, along with a palette swap or similar to create variety)

Tileset (snowy mountain area, 32x32)
Tileset (semi-snowy town area)

NOTE: The size guidelines are just that... guidelines. For sprites especially, they can be any size that fits the scale of the game, as there is no limit to what the engine can handle.

As far as other assets, for the music I am attempting to go for a completely guitar driven soundtrack (friend is driving this) to set it apart from other games.

Storywise, the game will deal with time travel and be spiritually influenced by Chrono Trigger.

Obviously the town can reuse a lot of tiles from the mountain area, so they could almost be one tileset

I am unsure what fair wages are. I am quite poor but I'm happy to arrange some sort of flat fee, paid over several months, or a flat fee upfront along with a profit sharing system. Feel free to PM me or otherwise and let's talk about it.

I'd like to avoid the hourly pay route, just because I'm not sure how to honestly gauge someone's time spent on a project, but if there's a safeguard for this route we can go that way as well.


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