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Hey folks, I need some pointers on good/bad pixel art practices to improve from where I'm at with anatomy, detailing, color, etc. The leftmost sprite is the first of the redesigns I'm working on, the other two characters I still need to update and touch up.

EDIT: Removed some misc. pieces of art and updated description of what I'm seeking for feedback to make the post less cluttered and vague. Apologies for that  :-[


I recently participated in my second 24-hour college game jam (first one to actually end up with a playable game at the end) and I thought I would submit the character art I did here to get some advice on where to go. Our randomly selected project was "Space Monkey Platformer" so that's why there's space suit monkeys everywhere. I'm less happy than usual on these guys, but granted we were working under a time limit and it takes me forever to put out even this, I think it would be valuable just to hear any and all critiques/advice/suggestions/serve-me-up-some-butt-whoopin'-pixel-art-justice type comments.

I've done an okay body of pixel art over the past few months, and I'm drawing in my sketchbook every day to try and find a style I'm happy with, but I'm just not quite there yet. I've got inklings of what I'm comfortable with and what appeals to me, but I really want to improve my workflow, especially with pixel art. It takes me 3 hours to do what takes most people 30 minutes to do ten times as well, and I feel like the first step to bridging the gap is to understand how to naturally get depth and detail while not thinking about it too much, I want to be speedy but I don't want to be slapdash, basically, so if you guys have any tricks of the trade to maximize output in minimal time, I would be grateful to hear them... So with that, I'll stop blabbering and upload these guys already!

TL;DR - I made some space monkey sprites in 24 hours, and they stink even though I spent a lot of time on them; can you help me with some advice on improving general quality as well as workflow?

Space Monkey Agent Paulskevic

Evil Space Gorilla

Evil Helicopter Chimp

I apologize in advance for the shameful lack of quality, I hope you can believe me when I say I'm trying as best as I can (in this case within the limits of 24 hours, otherwise I would've spent even more time on each individual character). Please though, fire away, I only want to get better, and any advice you can give I'll try to keep in mind in the future when working on pixel art. Thanks everybody! :)

P.S. There is one last thing I'm curious about, just for the sake of extra knowledge; during our game jam, there were two main issues regarding implementing the character art. First off was that due to the dimensions of the rooms, we had to stretch out my pixel art considerably so it would relatively fit the sizes of the levels, which were of a pretty significantly large resolution. Obviously that made the sprites look really blown up and sloppy, but what I'm curious about for any programmers or otherwise knowledgeable fellows around here is what the solution to that problem would be? I'm sure there's some sort of compromise, be it a camera fixed on the player or something to that effect, I'd be interested to hear it.

Pixel Art / Alien Characters Pixel Art
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:34:12 pm »
I've got a couple of different characters I'd like to post up here at one time or another, but I don't want to just spam everything at once, so I'll start with my current avatar here and maybe show a couple of others in this thread as I go on and improve the current ones I'm focusing on (either that or I'll just made new threads, whichever works better). I've got three sprites for him: his standing, idle blink, and walk/hop animations. I worked on him a good while ago (couple of months I think) but I thought it'd be a good place to start for feedback, because it's one of the better little projects I've worked on, and I wouldn't mind touching him up at some point based on critiques. Anyways I'll stop talking now and just post him.

Standing            Idle/Blink            Walk/Hop

(swapped out image tags so we can zoom in - Facet)

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