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Job offers / [PAID] 32x16 Animations for LED Handbag Project
« on: November 07, 2016, 07:38:35 am »
Looking for some 32x16 gif animation pixel art that will be displayed on an LED Handbag . This job is for 10 pieces in total of similar caliber to the ones below. Other than one piece which should be of a rainbow butterfly, I don't have anything in particular in mind and rather would like to work with you on some concepts and ideas that you have. Note also that our typical user for this LED handbag is a 35-55 year old female so the designs should be more on the side of subtle & elegant as opposed to clubby & loud like the examples below. And in this video you can see how they look on the actual LED Handbag . Low contrast colors don't come out well on the LEDs so you'll want to stick with high contrast colors, some examples of what works well and not well are listed here Frame rates are typically 10 fps but the handbag supports gifs with variable frame rates too.

If you're interested, shoot me a reply with some concepts & ideas and we can go from there and discuss price too.



Job offers / [PAID] - 32x32 Animated .GIFs for LED Art Project
« on: August 23, 2013, 04:39:36 am »
Hi Everyone,

My name's Al and I did a recent LED Pixel Art project called PIXEL. PIXEL is an open-source, interactive framed LED wall display that allows you to send pixel art & animated .gifs from an Android device or Windows PC using Bluetooth. PIXEL has a resolution of 32x32 where each pixel is a multi-color LED.

This job is for 15 animated .gifs in total which will be used as included content for the product.

* 32x32 resolution
* 100ms frame delay
* Smooth and continuous loop / nothing jerky
* Must be your original art

The animations should utilize high contrast colors with a black background (low contrast colors don't display well on the LED medium) and have a smooth & continuous loop, nothing jerky. Outside of this, I don't have any specific requirements on the style & theme of the animations, you're free to create. But please do review these example animations  selected in the past which will give you a feel for what I'm looking for.

I plan to select two pixel artists for this job with each pixel artist doing 15 animations. The deadline to complete the 15 animations is October 15, 2013.

To be considered, please email me a sample animation(s) meeting the above guidelines along with a description of the type of animations you plan to do for the rest.

The selected artists will each receive one PIXEL LED art frame to showcase your pixel art. PIXEL retails for $300 USD including shipping or $150 in cash. This contest is open to all countries, I will pay for the international shipping. Note that PIXEL is compatible with Android devices (2.3.3 and above) and Windows PCs only. You'll also be featured on PIXEL's home page.


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Job offers / [PAID] - Art Needed for Hardware Based LED Pixel Art Product
« on: December 26, 2012, 05:09:21 am »
UPDATE 1/14/2013 - I still have one slot open for some static pixel art. See guidelines as there are some nuances when working on the LED medium. Also, the KickStarter did get funded so your work will be going on a real product. I'll need between 40 and 50 images and am ok if some of it is existing work providing it's yours and meets the guidelines. The type of art should be artsy kind of stuff, not generic things like flags, people walking, etc. Also I'm trying to stay away from video game things (swords, knives, etc.) Knowing this is broad, I am open to your ideas, the constraint is the 32x32 canvas, here are some existing examples You'll get $100 USD and you'll be listed as a featured artists along with a dedicated Android app with your art on

And other opportunity for those of you who are affiliated and/or have contacts with an indie game.  I'm looking to do a co-marketing arrangement with an indie game or two. It would work like this: I get some really cool art to bundle with PIXEL (the LED based display). In return, I advertise the game in the form of a dedicated Android app that showcases the art from the game displaying it on PIXEL (You set the art on PIXEL from an Android app). The app with indie game mention would also be featured on the KickStarter page and PIXEL's web site Since it would be existing art, it shouldn't be much extra work. The pixel art would need to be 32px by 32px and follow these guidelines to look good on the LED display.

Shoot me a note with a few samples if you are interested at


What's the Project

Hey All, My name's Al and I'm looking for art help. I'm an IT professional during the day and in my spare time work on electronics projects. With the help of a few friends, we're launching a hardware product call PIXEL dedicated to displaying Pixel Art on an LED display.

The cool thing about this product is that unlike traditional LED projects, no coding or wiring up circuits is required, you simply set the art (animations too) from your Android device.  The hardware features a 32x32 RGB LED matrix meaning each LED equals 1 pixel for a resolution of 32x32. More info on PIXEL at


The product is in need of some Pixel art for the launch. That's where you come in. Here's a few sample images to give you a feel for how pixel art looks on the product.


It can also play animated gifs

What's Needed

In terms of the style of pixel art needed, we're open, the idea is to feature a few Pixel Artists as part of the product launch. The main constraint is the art work needs to display well on the 32x32 resolution display, thus the images need to be 32px by 32px. The art does not need to be new and can be existing work but does need to follow a common artistic style/portfolio and of course have originated from you. Note that images larger than 32x32 up to say 64x64 still will display fine when downscaled, just depends on the amount of detail in the image. A minimum of 50 still images will be needed with bonus points for more. Images should be in 32x32 resolution in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. If you have a few animated GIFs, that would also be great and those would be added to the PIXEL animate app

What youíll get

$100 bucks plus recognition. Your art will get itís own Android app to go along with Pixel's existing apps Your name and art work will also be featured in the product launch on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter launch is planned for roughly January 2nd so we'd need the art work sometime prior to that.

Here's a closer look at the underlying hardware for anyone interested

Contact Information

You can reach me at Shoot me some examples of your work and we can go from there. Thanks for looking.


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