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Job offers / [PAID] Top Down Pixel Artist (iOS/Android game) $15 Hr
« on: December 09, 2012, 06:16:14 am »
We are looking for a pixel artist for a upcoming Top Down Survival RPG Post Apocalyptic based game set in a city environment  on iOS and Android.

The game can be compared to in art style is Prison Architect

We are looking for similar art (not those kind of NPC's), but allot larger.

The game assets required are:

- 3 Zombie NPC's animated (64x64)
- Approx 30 static and animated structure's
- Menu's + HUD

If you feel you can specialize in just one of these area's, that is fine.

Detailed list of requirements and information will be provided privately.

The rate of pay is $15 an hour, payed through paypal only.

You can contact me at attached with some sample work, or link to a portfolio with your art.

Also must have access to Skype or Steam.



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