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Greetings everyone, Chaos here from - It was suggested to me to come to you folks for some critiques on the anatomy of one of the bosses I am working on, from a fellow member here. The final version of this boss will have everything covered, as you can see in the sketch I have provided along with my rough draft for the base.

So far the feedback I have received is mostly that her legs are just a bit too big for her torso, which I can agree with. Before I continue on with the rest of the detailing, I would like to get the proportions as close as possible.

I would be quite grateful for any C&C anyone is willing to assist with, and after browsing around I hope to become an active member of the community here now that I've found it. :D


I made some edits on some friends suggestions and started adding some of the other pieces.

Here is a side by side of the rough base sprite art (on the right) and the current state.

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