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General Discussion / [WIP] Bifurcating Exquisite Corpse (Yono)
« on: October 16, 2012, 12:38:00 am »
This is the ongoing work of many artists in the Yono project at

Each artist contributes 64x64 pieces (Yonodes) that fit between the halves (top/bottom or right/left) of another artist's images. The whole thing can be navigated by expanding and collapsing pieces using a web-interface. Try it yourself by starting with the configuration that served as the base of this image --

This particular image was partially composited by hand to fill in some of the negative-space with "ancestral bridges" (bridges of pieces that happened at earlier branches in the collaboration).

If you'd like to add your own work to this project, just get in touch with me. Also check out our effort to raise funds to automate the project at

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