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Battle Mockup:
Top right mockup is a WIP of battles. I have yet to make reverse direction of units (whom would be situated at the bottom corner of the battle field)

-Red orb represents enemy leader, blue represents player leader
-HP/SP unit box is toggable (hit a key and it disappers/reappears)
-HP meters are also toggable (will toggle HP/SP/Both/None, adjustable in options and via hotkeys)

Map Mockup
-player armies are golden, enemy are silver (didn't make silver ones yet)
-brown square things are framland
-gray rock formation should probably have some grass tuffs on it
-castle and towns need cast shadows

-tried contrasting units more, however its hard to adjust them further without wrecking them (feel free to EDIT[/b] if you've got a better idea/explaination)
-removing the outlines makes the units very hard to read, played with it for a about 1.5hrs...really didn't like the results, units are supposed to be cartoony to a degree (I am still willing to edit the style if people really dislike it)

Pixel Art / Summoner's Legacy Animations [Last Update: 06/12/06]
« on: June 11, 2006, 04:23:39 pm »
Doing some frame rate tests for my project. Deciding on 10fps or 20fps animations.

*perspective is at 30degree tilt or so

-base frame/proportions
-lower legs a few px too long

-torso sways and turns too much

-head turns now, delayed the hand from 'dropping' back by a few pixels


-strike might be wrong (was hard to render at this perspective so it may be off)

I just dled the trial version of Pro Motion 5.1, checked everywhere in the help (or so I think...I read every topic title...) And I can't find any tools to shift areas of my image around like the lasso/rectangle tool in photoshop/graphics gale....and even paint!? Please tell me that Pro Motion has one (and where it is too) XD

...seems to be animated brush tool...*sigh* I miss normal names >_>

Pixel Art / Zero Suit Samus
« on: May 22, 2006, 02:16:22 am »

*harsh celout (due to pixeltendos very dark forum bg =P)

This was for a 'nintendo' duel at pixeltendo, I'm trying to win by sheer sex appeal XD. There is a rediculous color count, I just didn't have time to go back and tweak that. Several hair tones could be blended together with the face tones, and some of the darker blue could combine with some of the purples probably.

C&C if you wish.

Pixel Art / Lizard Stab Concept Animation & Still
« on: May 15, 2006, 10:38:57 pm »


Just showing what I've been working on today. Playing around with some animation and design. I tried keeping the detail on the lizard low to make animating a bit easier. Alot of people have already expressed mixed feelings (mostly negative actually) about its design. Comments ranging from 'boring' to 'impossibly posed' etc. I'm curious about what people here think of the pics.

Here's an old screen shot of a project I was working on (decided to raise the art level thus the above image)...

*blue scan lined bgs were cged


-screwed up face, I know
-wrong mouth...
-NOT a chocobo dammit >_>...


-claw/kick/vine grasp
Pretty much any comments, critiques, or questions are welcome....yes it looks like pokemon, no it does not play like pokemon...

Pixel Art / Demo Portrait (WIP) Update [4/13/2006]
« on: April 12, 2006, 01:51:19 am »



-this is a cg I quickly made to figure out what was wrong with my pallete...

-numerous baldur's gate 1&2 and neverwinter nights portraits
-various images by cyclone, cougar, made, and typhoon from gfx-zone

Pixel Art / KOS '06 portrait update: 1/13/06
« on: January 11, 2006, 07:40:15 pm »
KOS '06 art:

Currently I'm pretty happy with the portrait, however I'm not exactly fond of my cell shaded gold scrunchie-like-thing. Tried making  it bright and contrasted like the armguard, on my Dhaos fighter sprite. It stand out too much and just not look right; so I just added a small highlight to keep with the simlistic theme. I also just noticed I forgot to AA one of the hairs in the background, oh well maybe later...


Eventually I'll add some alt color swaps perhaps.


Still forgot to remove the highlight on his bicept lol.

Once I tweak these sprites a bit more, they should be ready to be submitted ^^. Anyways, let me know what you think, any comments, crits, or suggestions are welcome.

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