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Employer info: Lake Ishikawa (contact:, game developer
Project Title: Merging Destinies

Project description:
This project is a long-term attempt by a few passionate professionals to recreate the charm of old Japanese RPGs through a brand-new original story.

Here's a video of a very partial and very unfinished old demo showcasing the first few scenes of the game:

In the above video, all tile set assets are made out of publicly available material.

If you're interested, more info about the story/background of the project can be found here:
(Most info are in the "Worlds" page)

Position Requirements:
The task of this project is to conceive, design, and produce the artwork for one "Tile Set" of a similar volume to the one utilised in the video,
for one specific area of the game (will potentially be different from the one in the video).
We are seeking professional pixel artists who can match the style of classics such as Chrono Trigger or similar fantasy games,
the applicant's portfolio will be reviewed and having any similar artwork will be a huge plus.

Payment info:
The total budget we are thinking about for one such task would be in the surrounding of 1,000~1,500$,
which will be adjusted depending on the hourly rate of the artist and the projected hours that will be needed to complete the Tile Set.
As for hourly rate, our estimated range would be $30-$50 per hour.
Half of the payment will be upfront, the other half on job completion, or can be split in multiple small milestones if preferred.

The final complete list of the needed tiles will be discussed and conceived together with the artist,
and the budget will be adjusted accordingly.

If needed, more information and the working demo of the project can be shared.
Thank you for your interest in our project!

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