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I finally have a graphics program back on my computer and I'm super eager to improve. This guy took me all. Day. Yep, I'm rusty. But this is the first thing I've made that I feel happy enough about to ask for c&c on, so here goes!

Below were the things I was mainly focusing on improving/using with this pixel so critique with regards to those point would be particularly appreciated. But of course any other areas are more than welcome too!!
  • This is my first experimentation with moving towards coloured (sort-of-anti-aliased) outlines.
  • And I'm trying REALLY hard to use 3D-er shading.
  • Also experimenting with shading palette- moving away from just brightening or darkening the foundation colour to altering the hue and saturation as well- with the aim of creating more interesting and authentic looking pixels.
  • I've also added a tiny bit of dithering... just exploring trying to give the illusion of a bit of texture. I don't think I'm very good at it... haha! As you can see, there was more... but I disliked it. Somehow it seemed to make my viking look MORE 2D, haha!

The process:
Original 1st 2nd. 3rd.
1st: So I tried taking away some of the internal outlines... I don't think I did it right :P Help?
I also made the pecs and abs more proportionate, which I think was a better choice. I also want to add a suggestion of his external obliques... which I did with a couple of dodgy lines you can see near his waist.
And remembered to edit the sandals this time too :D
2nd: Focused on redoing the stomach area shading mainly.
Anti-aliased the shorts more. I want them to look rougher! Any other way to add texture? It's not having the effect I want.
3rd: Trying to implement suggestions from the thread.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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