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Pixel Art / WIP Pixels
« on: August 18, 2005, 09:08:52 pm »

Lacks feet and shading.  I also need to choose a better color for the sword hilt and shield.

I don't know what to do with the legs, but otherwise it's finished.

I haven't started on the hair yet.  The lineart is a sketch that I scanned in and edited.

Pixel Art / Chainsaw!
« on: August 10, 2005, 04:29:39 am »
I was bored, so I pixelled a chainsaw.


Pixel Art / The Boar
« on: July 27, 2005, 10:47:09 pm »
Hi, I've never posted on Pixelation before (been lurking for about two years, however) , but it's good to see it's on its way to resurrection.  And... here's this thing, tell me what you think about it:

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