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Edit by Pep: Hey everyone, I'm sanctioning this contest. We're currently in the activity downtime that goes along with the election of new officials, so this should be fun. Good luck to all who enter!

The copyright notice and statements:
Sponsor: OurPixel Forum (, who retains the rights of final interpretation about this activity.
The Copyright of works participated in the activity belongs to the correlation author themselves, OurPixel Forum and each joint forums take the rights to repost.
Any other individuals or organizations should relates with correlation author for granted permissions of republishing, modification, distribution or in the commercial use.

Activity Name:

Gelider @

Improve pixel interaction, show respect to childhood classic, display users strengths.

Transformers, transform and roll out!

Ends 01/01 2006

Every users can design his or her own "transformer" basing on his or her imagination or the original. One should illustrate the animation from human shape to whatever object shape.

piece being submitted should be a gif-animated grahic--to show the process of transformation. The details are:
1. Shape 1 should be human shape.
2. Shape 2 can be anything, such as vehicles, animals, constructions, ... and so on, even ET. 
3. The process of transformation. GIF animation format. 2 steps At least, comprises the transformation process between shape 1 and shape 2, cannot be too simplified, the transformation should be convincing.


This pixel copyright clark0401(

Who can give me some links about the tutorial of tiles in RPG game?
thanks very muh! :)

Pixel Art / Leading actors of the cartoon "TRIGUN"
« on: November 24, 2005, 05:28:55 pm »
Here are the two leading actors of the cartoon "TRIGUN".The one with red overcoat is Vash the Stampede,and the next,i have forgot it.  :-\

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