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General Discussion / PixFix - The pixelart podcast
« on: July 16, 2017, 03:31:32 pm »
Quote from: youtube
PixFix is a bi-weekly podcast where 3 nerds and a guest come together to discuss the nuances and details of pixel art and game development.

Hey guys,
PixelPileDriver, Yaomon, and me have started doing a pixelart podcast.

Our first episode was on the 2nd, with Ambivorous as guest. Here's the vod if you missed it:

The next episode will air tonight (sunday) 10pm cest on Our guest today will be the Skaz himself. We'd love if you'd come by and enjoy they show with us :D

All episodes will be uploaded to youtube on the above mentioned channel! Announcements etc will happen here from now on and also on twitter @pixfixtv

Pixel Art / Crystals
« on: December 19, 2016, 08:12:16 pm »

I've been always fascinated with crystals, they're so pretty. they reflect and refract, are subsurface illuminated, have cracks on the outside and inside as well, come in different colors and purities. All these properties make it insanely difficult for me to wrap my head around stylizing and rendering crystals properly.
I did a short research session and did a few attempts afterwards last night

I'm fairly ok with what i turned up with, but i feel it could be much more.... pretty, facetious and interesting.

Do you guys have any hints, refs or own attempts at crystal pixels?

Devlogs & Projects / Kung fu chibi's
« on: July 03, 2016, 10:54:33 pm »
Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

A couple weeks ago i was playing DragonBall Advanced Adventure again, and i realized, again, what a fantastic and rather unique game that is. It's a really fun brawler that sometimes requires split second reaction, prioritizes control over mashing, has cool and challenging move-sets and you can play every - single - character (including every enemy, of which there are a lot (except a few bosses i believe)).
It also is a platformer, challenging you with pits and obstacles, avoiding nasty ambushes and projectiles. The platforming is very responsive and almost has a megaman'ish vibe to it.
It also is a 1v1 fighter (as e.g. streetfighter etc) introducing different mechanics for the tournament stages. It works differently to any other fighting game though. While very simple, it becomes almost a game of rps, it can be quite challenging. You trade punches with your opponent until one fumbles and you break his defense, at which point only you can deal damage for a brief time until he recovers.

The artstyle is spot on, authentic to the max, the story progression is as close to the original db as it can get, going through all the major locations you'd expect, albeit a little altered at some points to make the single player experience more coherent.

Ok enough gushing about DBAA.
Let's talk game.

The game that has chibi kungfu guys

design (lol)
Right now there's only a bunch of loose ideas floating around. Platformer, brawler, tight fast-paced combat, multiple playable characters. It extents all the way to (local) multiplayer, vs matches, coop, whatever. Nothing's set in stone, nothing's really decided yet. Just the general flow or direction is set. You could argue its a DBAA clone, or heavily inspired by it anyways, since i dont know any game that is quite like it.

One thing i want to get down to is the kind of rps'ish nature of the tournament fights. It is a very interesting take on fighting, and it enables the characters to continually throw fists at each other, making it really appear like a kungfu coreography, as opposed to having one puncher, and one being punched. I think this can be elevated with light/strong (speak punch/kick) attacks that must be blocked/intercepted in some way yadda yadda, game design is lacking i know :P

I've been doodling around every now and then with these over the past couple weeks, proportions very much influenced by DBAA or Akira Toriyama by proxy.

I started working on a combo animation, which is quite rough yet, but i think it shows the general idea of it.

You might recognize 2 of the characters, one being the drunken master from one of the early jacky chun movies, the other is jin from ip-man, the wild savage fighter.

Ultimately i'd like to get to a point where different characters exhibit different fighting styles. Initially i indendet to pick some famous kungfu movie characters and kind of caricaturize them (what broforce did), but turns out there arent too many recognizable characters in that genre. Another idea is to use the kungfu animal styles and antropomorphise the characters. Otherwise i might come up with some original characters, or watch more movies for influences  :crazy:

One thing i want to get down is that the actual moves and combos seem and feel fairly authentic. I did kungfu for quite a while myself and i feel i'm a decent judge at proper poses and movement, but it still requires a fair deal of research. But it's a good way to get my arse off my chair and do some exercises again :D

There's another thing i'm unsure about. Outlines! I usually don't like them. not a big fan at all. but it somehow works.
i like the flat shading, but the outline kind of gives it a bit more... i dunno. it seperates it and makes it readable. :mean:

For environments i'd like to go for a fairly simple attempt. I'm still experimenting a lot about how to render what. Meh.
Getting a cohesive artstyle going is tuff.


Nothing as of yet. i want to get a roughly sketched animation set for the girl for idle, running, jumping, punch combo and possibly kick combo before i want to tackle any code at all, since the state machine will be the main meat of the game, and to get that right i need sample and test data in form of a sprite sheet :P

There's still the consideration of what to work with. I am pondering unity, since i have a basic tilemap load/collision etc already set up for it, or to modify my 3d engine to work nicely with pixel perfect things (60fps lock, integer-frame-based movement, rendering, scaling, the usual). would provide a bunch of benefits in the long run, more control about uv and vertex setups, direct shader control for anything fancy that comes to mind, no scripting restrictions or anything like that. The initial preperation will take a while though. In any case it's a bit further off.

Anyways, i just wanted to get this out of my head for now.

General Discussion / Grid-based paradigm
« on: April 29, 2016, 09:33:51 am »
I was thinking about something, and i'd like to hear general thoughts on it.
Normally when we create game assets, it is 98% of the time grid based tiles (arbitrary percentage, just for arguments sake).
Artists have been thinking about how to break the grid up by using smart placement and transitions of objects on tiles.

In earlier times when hardware resources were limited this was the right thing to do. nowadays, we still do it this way. Out of tradition? Out of habit? Lack of alternatives?

What if trees are not placed on a grid, but can be moved around freely on the grass field.
What if we can use a selection of rocks and jumble them together to build a pile.
What if we place flowers individually so we can have them sway in the wind.

I'm considering adding this to my editor. adding props from tilesets as individual objects that can be placed and depth-sorted (probably by y value) so i can create woods by just jamming trees all over the place.
Sure this will create potentially new problems to solve and address, but it might also give some opportunities and ways to make the world more interactable.
i'm curious to try it out, but i'd also like to hear your thoughts and input on the matter.

Pixel Art / Jane
« on: March 16, 2016, 02:14:20 am »
Hello chaps.

Let me introduce jane to you. She's Johnny's girlfriend.

I'm working on the running loop right now and i learn new stuff about her with every frame. Had a hard time figuring out her hair.

Right now this is a 6 frame loop, but i'll smoothen it out once i get it right.
The head movement is still quite jerky and her hair moves a bit backwards.
Otherwise i feel the cycle lacks urgency. Maybe that's something i can fix with a higher framecount, but i think it should be achievable in this loop.
I'll give it another whirl tomorrow night.

Devlogs & Projects / Jackpot Dice
« on: January 05, 2016, 11:17:56 am »
Hey ho,

I'm starting to work on a game idea i had for a while, but alas, the image of the game in my mind is so fuzzy i don't even know where to start.

The basic gist is a Utopian/Dystopian near future cyber punk world, think bladerunner. Rocked out urban zones, industrial areas, megacon buildings, you get the idea.
The Genre is a platformer with beat'em up and shooty elements. The idea would be to have fun moving around in bigger areas, running across roofs of warehouses, grapple hook onto flying cars or monorails, and have a more methodic approach in indoor areas. Not necessarily stealthy, but i'm thinking across the lines of the blackthorne covering system, but with more options (back attacks, generally melee, who knows).

So the main character was supposed to be a gruff detective type character, but then i remembered i have this character i created for a cyberpunk game jam, so i'm reusing and redesigning this right now.
Turns out character design is not my strong suit, among other things.



redesign steps

(left most character is from Hyper Iria just for scale/reference)

She has protheses for her lower legs, initially thought of as spring/coil type things, but i'm having trouble getting a detailed version going without it looking odd/wrong. I looked up some references on this, but they are mostly C shaped springs that just dont-look-as-cool so i'm trying out a couple different designs, also influenced by this (by Adrian Dadich).
So far the design is all over the place, and it's hard to make a decision. Gruff looking character vs metroid zero suit kind of design. I think i'd rather go with a gruff, dirty, dystopian design but i have a hard time to figure out design elements for that. Would love to know some references for this, as my repertoir for that is pretty slim (movie, anime, anything).

The other trouble i have is the environment perspective.

i like the slanted sideview, and that it creates more depth. What i dont like is the mixed perspective (outer walls) it just projects weirdly.
having the perspective fixed would work (i.e. the right outer wall is flipped) except if there is a wall in front of that house (i.e. you're outside of it) you would not see the window and therefore break into it.

The flat view is more consistent, but it fails to represent depth as nicely and its hard to make out the door frames and windows.

I'm kind of torn between things and i'll probably have to look up more refs of games that project as either, although most platformers i know dont even bother with depth at all (being a flat 90degrees orthographic view).

So why am i posting?
Several issues. I'm not looking on immediate feedback on the art itself, although it is still appreciated. I'm more looking for ideas, suggestions, and references on the design attempts, as actual design (and analyzation thereof) is something i really wanna improve in. That said, if some pixels rub you the wrong way, dont hold back and let me know  :hehe:

Devlogs & Projects / 2d Development Frameworks/suits/engines
« on: December 30, 2015, 04:46:47 pm »
Recently i've been looking around for something that would suit my needs for development.
Normally i'm the type of person who just writes the stuff he needs himself, but i thought i'll save myself the trouble and use something someone else built. Turns out at this point i'm considering writing it myself again.
I'm aware that a good bunch of you are developers yourself so i might also ask in here, what are your personal favorites for 2d game development? May it be an engine, a framework or a complete suite.
Keep in mind this is highly subjective and based on my own experience only.
Feel free to add to this list, make counterpoints, or just ramble as i like to do :D

Lua based scripting, really bad documentation, lacks some key features (or documentation thereof), lacks debugging
Provided samples are broken, runs on OpenTK, so why not use that?!

Samples broken, runs on SFML, [...]

Uses some as3 mutant script language, doesn't seem to have a functional debugging last i checked. Seems fine otherwise.

3d centric. i dont feel it's suited for 2d/pixel based games all that well. Same with unreal engine (plus its a bit overkill innit)

Fantasy console, uses lua, interesting concept, too tight restrictions. not suited to make actual games.

2D & 3D / Physical pixel art
« on: November 24, 2015, 07:56:04 pm »
A couple days ago i was approached on my twitch stream by someone who just formed a stream team called dot matrix. He and his other team mates are mostly doing perlers and cross stitching, which got me curious. It's not like i've been completely oblivious of those, but it never really occured to trying it myself, which i now did, and it's really fun  ::)
I've started with cross stitching because it is easier to get into and requires less equipment. Additionally you have more freedom with different stitching techniques and canvases. It's pretty amazing what you can do.
The downside is it takes forever.

What i found really interesting is that cross stitching dates back to egypt around 500AD, so pixel art is actually ancient  :P

In any case, here are the two stitches i made so far. The rabite is an original sprite i did (or remix i guess) while goku is from the GBA DragonBall Advanced Adventure game.

Have you attempted any cross stitching, perlers, or any other physical form of pixelart?

Pixel Art / Pogopuschel
« on: November 20, 2015, 03:50:45 am »
I'm currently doing some fan art for Secret of Mana.

There are some struggles i have i cannot currently figure out on my own.
Mainly i'm happy with the trees, but i think they could be improved still. I think they're lit a bit too uniformly, the front ones anyways.

I'm not sure how to tackle grass. I tried an attempt with individual grass blades before but that was just not the look i was going for. And to be honest i'm not sure what look i'm going for at this point.

Thirdly i'm having trouble with the fur. For a big furry thing like that, i'm not sure how to convey it without texturing the whole thing which would probably end up in a noisy mess. The attempt i have so far seems alright, but i was wondering if someone knows some techniques that would help.

Thanks  :-*

Pixel Art / Thanatos Portrait - Secret of Mana
« on: July 20, 2015, 06:04:59 pm »
Hey guys.
I've been working on a portrait of Thanatos from secret of mana for a friend. The idea is that thanatos survived the final battle but is severely wounded.
It's coming around alright but i cannot figure out a way to draw the hair so it doesnt look like his brain is sticking out on top.
I want to get a more rough, wild braided kind of hair style, but getting the shapes, textures and colors right is really tough and i cant seem to get to a point where i'd like it to be.
I'd love to hear some pointers on hair rendering.

Here's the original sprite

General c&c is welcome of course!

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