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I'm looking for one of more animators to create a ~1 minute trailer for an upcoming product launch with Kilohearts (

An animated short in the style of low-res pixel graphics to go with already finished music commissioned by a well-know band with retro gaming associations. The video should be a mock video game where two main characters battle through levels to face the final boss. No graphic violence, but focus on sound and music. Maybe synths or speaker as "weapons"?
A fast tempo, cute/cuddly graphics, and animation timed to the existing music is what we are most after.

- - This is the final results of another similar commissioned project we recently did, to give you an idea of the level of production value we are looking for.
- - A short by Paul Robertson which has the fast pace, the action-packed story, and the right pixel resolution we are looking for.
- - A few examples of background art that we like.

While we don't have a clear deadline, the majority of the work would have to be done in the coming 2 or 3 months.

Initial budget for the animation is $4000.

Additional work:
We are always looking for skilled animators, so please get in touch even if any of the requirements in this post are preventing you from taking this particular job.

Please email me directly at for more details about the project.

/ Per Salbark
Creative Director @ Kilohearts

UPDATE: This position has been appointed. Thank you for all your applications.

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