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General Discussion / Pixel Illusion
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:43:39 pm »
I found something interesting.. This is what a patterned black and white image does when it changes scale. It reveals an underlying oscillation/duality present within the pixels that give the illusion of moving towards and away while the pixels expand along one dimension.

Please share your interpretation in this thread of why this phenomenon happens, as well as any related pixel illusions you may find.

Here is the pixel illusion:

I believe the black and white pattern causes a vibration/wave effect to occur when the dimensions are stressed- which produces the illusion of an extra dimension.

General Discussion / The Lost Pixel
« on: February 11, 2018, 10:36:58 pm »
The Lost Pixel

Once upon a time there was a pixel that was born. It had a glow in its face. The colors of its pixel cheeks would change colors depending on the way it faced. It had big square pixel eyes that blinked as it looked around at the pixel world. When it looked up towards the sun in the sky, its pixel cheeks would become warm and turn orange. When it looked out across the ocean at the horizon, its pixel cheeks would become cold and turn blue. When it looked down at the ground at the little pixel insects, its pixel cheeks would become squished and turn green. Life for the pixel was a mixed bag of colors. One day it was red, another day it was purple, then blue, then green, then yellow, then orange. It was a never-ending cycle.

Then one day it met another pixel. That pixel was bigger and didn't see the baby pixel in its way. The baby pixel tried to run, but the big pixel stepped on it with its big pixel foot. The baby pixel screamed out loud, but the big pixel couldn't hear it. The baby pixel was dead and the colors faded from its cheeks. No matter which direction the pixel faced, its cheeks were always unlit. It slowly drifted with its eye stuck closed. It didn't know where it was going or what it was doing- it was a dead baby pixel.

Over time, it kept drifting through pixel space, slowly moving without any sound. No other pixels noticed it because it was unlit. It just kept drifting and drifting away. Nobody cared about the unlit pixel- everyone was too concerned about all the pixel colors in their world. All the pixels in the world were dancing and running around playing while the dead pixel floated by. The dead pixel drifted by them all and was listening to all the fun they were having.

All the lively pixels kept flashing their colors to each other, which kept pushing away the dead pixel. Then one day the dead pixel bumped into the end of the world where there were no-more pixels. The dead baby pixel was teetering on the edge and eventually it fell off. Down down down it fell all the way to nowhere. The baby pixel fell so far down it wasn't sure what happened. There it lay for eternity and in that time it forgot everything. All the other pixels had died and they too had fallen down and piled up on-top of the baby pixel. The baby pixel was underneath all the other dead pixels that once were lit. The baby pixel began to get squished smaller and smaller and smaller. It kept getting small until it was only a tiny little dot. The little baby dot was so small and pressurized that it began to float up through all the cracks of the dead pixels.

As it floated up, it rubbed against the other pixels and felt a heat and electricity. It began to go quicker and quicker up until it became a ray of light. Without knowing it, it charged up into a new pixel somewhere unknown in a world that was flat and colorful. All around the baby pixel were colors and pixels that changed depending on the direction it faced. It was so very happy.

One day it was pixeling around the pixel world when it heard a little pixel scream from underneath where it was moving. It looked down and saw a little unlit dot in the pixel it was standing on. It began to wonder what happened, and why there was no color there. It was very frightened at this sight. The thought of a possibility that the pixels could be unlit was too much to bear. It began to shiver and tremble at what it had done and soon it was becoming dimmer and dimmer at the stress. All the other pixels around it weren't concerned at all as they played and looked at all the pixel colors.

The baby pixel was becoming dimmer and dimmer as it looked around the world for potential dead pixels. It didn't care about the colors anymore. The only thing it cared about was the unlit dot it stood on. It kept looking out into the unknown until one day it became so dim it lost all its colors. All the other pixels couldn't see it anymore. The baby pixel began to drift through the pixel world. It passed by all the other pixels that were so colorful and playful. It drifted away and away. It was so very far away until one day it met the end of the world.

At the end of the world, the baby pixel looked out at the unlit space and wondered what was beyond it. It looked back at the colored world and all the pixels that couldn't see it. It looked back one last time and lost all hope. It stepped out into the darkness away from the edge. It began to fall and fall. It fell for what seemed like eternity. It kept falling as it watched the colored world disappear.

Time seemed to stop, and the baby pixel was motionless. It was completely unlit and empty, without any feeling. It stared into the blank space in front of it until it forgot where it was and forgot what it was. It became nothing. All the other pixels eventually died, and they too fell off the edge of the world. They fell and fell all the way until they weren't falling anymore. They all piled on top of the baby pixel who began to become squished.

The baby pixel was squished so deeply it began to get smaller and smaller. It became so small that it was just a tiny dot. The dot was so small and pressurized that it began to float up through the cracks in all the other dead pixels. It seemed to float up through all their broken bits and the friction began to heat it up. The baby pixel was so hot it began to speed up faster and faster. It became so fast that it was a ray of light that streamed through all of time and space. Eventually it found itself in an unknown place.

The baby pixel began to see other pixels around itself in a colorful pixel world. Every direction it looked, its baby pixel cheeks turned different colors. It was so happy that it began to run around and play pixel games. When it looked at the sky, it saw a big yellow pixel sun, and when it looked at the ocean it saw big blue waves. It looked all over the place at all the wonderful pixel things.

Then one day the baby pixel saw another pixel stop suddenly. The baby wondered what happened and watched from a distance and saw that the pixel was looking down at the ground and it was shaking and trembling. The baby pixel didn't know why the other pixel was so confused. As the baby pixel kept watching it, the other pixel began to get dimmer and dimmer. It was so dim that it began to frighten the baby pixel!

The baby pixel was so scared that it turned away and tried to forget what it saw. The baby pixel tried to play with all the other colored pixels, but it didn't feel the same. It kept wondering what happened and eventually it noticed the dim pixel become so dim that it disappeared out of sight. The baby pixel was so shocked it began to choke. It kept coughing up pixel blood everywhere.

Soon the baby pixel was so pale it lost all its color. It began to feel weak and began hallucinating. All the colors were blurring together. Everything around the baby pixel began to look grey. Soon the world had no colors in it and the baby pixel was expressionless. It looked at all the other pixels that were moving around, and couldn't understand where all the colors had gone.

The baby pixel kept looking for the colors, but never found them. It eventually became dimmer and dimmer and lost sight of the other pixels. It was so dim that it couldn't see where it was going. Eventually it was blind and one day it came to an edge in the world. It wondered what was beyond this edge and after spending what seemed like eternity, it nudged itself closer and slid off the side.

Down it fell and fell. Further and further it fell forever. It fell so far that it didn't know how far it had fell. It kept falling until it couldn't remember anything. It fell so far that eventually all the other pixels were dead, and they too fell. They all fell onto the baby pixel and squished it down into a tiny little dot.

The baby pixel was so tiny it felt so pressurized that it began to be pushed up by the heavier pixels that were falling down. The baby began to get so hot it was on fire. It began to burn up all the other pixels. It was flying through all the dead pixel corpses, burning them all up. It kept rising up through the dead pixels until it couldn't burn anything else. It was so bright it was directed somewhere unknown.

The baby pixel found itself staring at some colorful pixels in a colorful pixel world. When the pixel looked up, it saw a big yellow pixel sun. When it stared into the horizon, there was a big blue pixel ocean. When it stared down, it saw a broad green pixel field. Everywhere was colorful pixels and the baby pixel was happy.

The baby pixel was rather happy, but it wondered where it came from. It wondered what happened before all this. It didn't understand any of it. It felt like there was something odd about it. It decided to look inside itself, at the colors it was. It looked at its little baby pixel cheeks and eventually it didn't care anymore. It didn't care it was a baby pixel. It didn't care about anything. It didn't matter where it came from, and it didn't matter where it was going. It was just a baby pixel that nobody cared about.

The baby pixel began to run away, and it ran until it got to the edge of the pixel world. It looked out into the blank unlit space and recognized that the unlit space was also part of it. It stared at the unlit pixel space and knew that this unlit space was what held everything together. It felt a peace inside itself. It felt the unlit space within, and it walked back towards all the other colored pixels.

The baby pixel looked out at all the colored pixels and saw the unlit pixels within them and from that day on the baby pixel was forever lit. Everywhere it looked it saw the unlit pixels and the baby pixel lit them up with color.

Devlogs & Projects / After All Angel
« on: January 10, 2017, 03:50:46 pm »
After All Angel

I thought I would post here to help spread awareness to something..
I just recently put up my new game on steam greenlight. It needs your vote.

The game uses symbolism to express certain principles and ideas related to life and death. It is meant to provoke some thought about black and white, light and dark, and what may be found in between. It is based on some revelations I have had through my life, and represents a deep meaning for me.

I also realize that in these cases where votes are cast, usually the creator behind the creation isn't considered- that people tend to look just at the surface and what is being presented. I know it may look confusing, but there is a deeper message to it all. I hope that I can gain your support. This game will be small, but its success will bring bigger things.


Kitty Kitty Boing Boing
the Happy Adventure in Puzzle Garden!

Has just been released on Steam!

It's pretty self-explanatory as to what sort of game it is. It's a puzzle platformer with some action elements. Here are some screenshots.. I created everything except the audio. Hope you like!

General Discussion / The Pixel Aesthetic
« on: March 09, 2016, 02:03:12 am »

The Pixel Aesthetic

I took some time to put up some writing I did a while back based on a personal study of the pixel. The intent was to explore pixel aesthetics in a black and white sort of way- making clear the differences between specific aspects related to the pixel and how they might interact with each other.

I'm not sure what others will think, which is why I've put it up. It might help me going forward if I get some feedback on it.

Working on some visualizers to help illustrate and provide more context.
Select an image to see the linking/binding of the pixels. Requires webgl enabled in your browser.


2D & 3D / Bell Island
« on: February 15, 2016, 02:42:43 am »
I've been playing a bit with Crocotile3d here and there. Will be updating this whenever I need a break from other stuff, hopefully.

Pixel Art / [wip][c+c] Tiles for Game jam
« on: August 13, 2015, 10:25:20 pm »
I'm working on a game for a jam. I had the thought of posting some work for some critique, in-case anyone might see some way to improve the art. I have my mind split between various things and have been running on instinct, so it'd be great to get some feedback/critique or whatever you have.
There are various things I don't like about the tiles, so I hope those get pointed out. :)
Make me learn something!

Just thought I would chime in and mention that I have released a new 3d tool Crocotile 3D
I designed it to work like a 2d tilemap editor. So you can easily create 3d scenes using tiles from tilesets (there's a video on the website showing how it works).
It would be great if people can try it out and give me their feedback. You can download it for free to test it out.
Also would be great to see what others create with it!
Here are a couple examples I created! It definitely makes 3d more enjoyable for me.

General Discussion / Quasi [Windows/Mac/Linux]
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:45:32 pm »
:angel: Quasi >:D

Quasi is a side-view platformer style adventure game with puzzle elements.
Explore a strange world seized in mystery and discover what lies beneath its' surface.

Game is now available at

Hey everyone! Hope you all have been doing well. I've been working on this game for over four months now, and released it yesterday. If you all can take a look that would be great. Thanks :)

Pixel Art / 32x32 Cute Lion topdown perspective character
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:43:21 am »
Here's a little character of a lion I made with my pixel editor.
I plan to animate it as well.

Also, the editor allows outputting nifty gifs like this to show my workings.

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