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Job offers / [PAID BY PROFIT] iOS game!
« on: January 01, 2012, 02:06:53 am »
My friend and I are making an iOS game. It's an infinite running game called Afrorunner.
We need an artist to create all the sprites, really. It's pretty simplistic for the most part, but there are quite a few sprites to be made.
The profits would be split. It would be marketed through YoYoGames and I have connections with an app company called RTL Interactive who can promote it.
For more information, drop me a line at

Some examples of the style we're going for: (the preview image is actually closer, haha)

Obviously that's not set in stone, and anything that looks good will work. I'm not a professional artist and I'm sure most people out there could come up with better stuff.

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