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My name is Dave and I'm currently working on a platformer/Metroidvania game. You can check out what it looks like currently through my Reddit post here:

A couple of other pics here:

I had a ton of fun creating and learning pixel art for my game, however, due to time constraints, I believe I'm much better off working with someone who has the experience.

This is a paid opportunity, I'm looking to hire someone on an ongoing/freelance basis. I'm looking to finalize a demo within the next 3-4 months. If things work out well, it would be until the game is finished.

I would be looking for tilesets/character sprites/enemies/animations - basically a complete overhaul of what I have already made, with a more polished, cohesive look. I am going for a brighter, simplistic look - I can show you some references of the style I am going for once we start talking.

The main character sprite is roughly 32x32, tiles at 16x16. Base resolution is 480x270.


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